Gravity Surge Chronality

Gravity Surge is a violent, action-packed, introspective space opera dealing with the gravity of life and the surge of death. Or is it the other way around?

This page is the place to find all the links for the exact chronology of the Gravity Surge mythos in one place, click the little roman numeral beside the names to read that part of that chapter! There are three planned sectors of this main story, plus a final epilogue.

-Sector 1-
The Outside I, II
Crook and Flail
Outset I, II
(Bound to Death I, II, III) [This is the planet where the Hellbeast came from]
The Hellbeast I, II
(Uncharted Planet I, II, III) [Celrdrrun has a solo adventure, where he attains his Fluorographic weapon systems that he upgraded his suit with, and cloak and cape that incite him nerveless]
Celrdrrun I, II
Planet Bug I, II, III, IV
(Exploration: Cosmos ) [Learn about Ybrant’s earlier days, long before he founded The Prophets of the Last Eclipse]
The Networked I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
Intransigent I, II
By the Grace of Green I, II, III
Revengeance I, II
Disease of Machinery I, II
Queen of the Müün I, II, III
Power Metal
Link 7
Kænus: Eschaton I, II
In the Blackest of Space I, II, III
-End of Sector 1-

-Sector 2-
A New Tomorrow
Future Descent
Traveler Out of Time
Engulfed Continuance
Timeless Ocean
Return to the Craft
The Intruders I, II, III
It Has a Location –
Supporting Immortality –
Celestial Atrocities –
Incomprehensible Sentence I, II, III
Cosmic Rejoinder (The Disturbance at Loameria Prime) –

-Sector 3-
Void Egest –

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