Kænus: Eschaton II

I grab both his arms, and kick out his footing. I reverse the positioning, and fling him over my shoulder and back into the walls of equipment, launching a gravity sphere in after him. Immediately as it explodes, I receive an elbow to the side of my head, forcing me through wall after wall of the lower research decks. I right myself, land on my feet, and take off sprinting towards him. He impels towards me beyond the same time. When we meet up, I can’t land a single hit in close combat. He’s unfathomably fast. I have to change tactics. I bombard him with my power. Overwhelm his speed.

[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Warning: Energy: 64%]
[Warning: System in Danger]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Diverting Energy to Weapons]
[Danger: System Overloading]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Danger: System Critical]
[Warning: Energy: 23%]
[Tip: Avoid Excessive Weapon Use!]
[Warning: System Overload Imminent]

My energies are almost depleted, wasted almost entirely on hitting nothing, but some hit. It was worth it, he’s badly damaged. Can’t move as fast anymore. I have him right where I want him.
[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]
The continuous blast launches, but it’s of no use, it’s too weak this far into battle, I didn’t put enough force behind it, I can see him put all power into his shields, and force through the blast. He grabs me by the throat.
“You think that your hands are rinsed of all men’s crimes? How blind.”
“I’ll eviscerate you; you’re not worth what you have.”
“This is your last story ever. You did do some immense damage to my ship, and so, it’s getting closer to that time where I rip your heart out.”
“I’ll do more than that, you–“
He smashes through my chest plate with his armored fist, but only pulls out a boiling black ooze. One with my armor, I have no heart. While he stares in disbelief at the sludge slipping through his fingers, I return the favour, breaking through his chest plate and gruesomely retrieving his continually ticking heart. I let it drop to the floor.
“It all ends here. Existence is nothing.”

[Activate: Graviton Infinitus]
As the seams of my armor ignite, he senses my power, and lets go. We both know fleeing is of no use, nothing can move fast enough to avoid this attack. His last words are idle threats that I cannot hear. I lose all awareness as I explode out in every direction; I expel beyond the entirety of my powers as this one attack, to end it all. It reduces the craft, all inside, and the surrounding lightyears to nothingness, leaving only desolate annihilation in the void of space, still surging with timeless gravity.

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