Revengeance II

[Activate: Gravity Sphere]

Explosions and craters line the earth at my feet and beyond. It greatly reduces their numbers. Four sprout wings, and attack from the air with their weapons. Strategy. I’ll wait until I’m finished with the infantry before I attend to them, they must be the faction leaders.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I slice through the remaining forces with ease, their blood pooling around me in the onslaught, creating a thick mud with the dirt. I slosh around in it, and cut drone after drone down. I send their pieces splashing into the liquid bog I’ve created. I’m sprayed with the ooze by the fire from the leaders. Soon, though, I am done with the ground units, and can attend to the flyers; they’re traveling in formation; I’ve been watching them, avoiding their fire while carving up their underlings. I concentrate on the blade, and send out two lunar razors spinning towards them, taking two out with each crescent projectile. They fall sputtering in pieces into the pools with their inferiors, still twitching with the final spasms of life. Immediately I’m blindsided by an as yet unseen force, taking me beyond the carnage of bodies, back to dry dirt.

“You’ve taken my only chance at revenge, and now you’ve taken my army!”
“I’m about to take a lot more than that,” I say, standing up in the clouds of dust that surround, brushing myself off.
“No, you’ve destroyed Celrdrrun! He was to be mine, my army’s; it was all we had left after he destroyed our planet!” Predictable.
“You’re talking to me as if I care.” I rush him, and break into his chest with my elbow, sending him tumbling into the ground. He coughs up blood, and struggles to breathe.
“No,” he spews more blood and begins to claw at the ground to crawl away from me, “it can’t end like this, please.” I step on his shin and twist, crushing it, and kick him in the abdomen, rolling him meters away. He manages to raise himself to his knees.

Craters surround us on this barren red landscape, some old, some natural, some new, still smoldering; only stars and blackness up above. Defeated, this challenger begs for his life, and begins to grovel, plead for his life. I walk up to him, and place my left hand on his shoulder. My right, I place upon the top of his head. I pause for a moment, and then begin to press down; hard. He attempts to struggle, resist, grabbing my arms, but it is no use. Internally I revel at the sounds of his head being pushed into his body. Externally, I am cold and emotionless. As I continue to push down, blood begins squirting up towards nothingness. A volcano erupts in the distant mountainscape behind me; I cannot hear it or see it though I can feel it. As his blood hits the red earth, the sound of heavy rain fills the air as his gurgling and sounds of struggle fade away and come to and end. Once his head is fully beneath his shoulders, I let go, and his lifeless body slumps onto the now wet dirt, blood still gushing.

A challenger… with an army at his disposal…

I call upon my ship, and meet it halfway in the air, catching it, clinging to it, and crawl in as it soars away from the planet. Death always feels good, in its ways, but this was a disappointment; too easy. Does my power know no bounds? It was the least I could do to end him in the manner that I did. I must now continue ever further towards my goal.

2 Responses to “Revengeance II”

  1. I loooooove some of your descriptive sentences; your choice of words is really sweet and unique.
    “I slosh around in it, and cut drone after drone down. I send their pieces splashing into the liquid bog I’ve created.” 5-Thumbs up!!!

  2. O.o That was a massacre. That poor guy. What an unpleasant way to die…awesome!

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