Toward the Spire

While walking these underground pathways, the first two that I met reveal that they have received communications that my presence is already known by those in control. I am apparently already a known fugitive. An imposter to my own name. A ghost who doesn’t really exist, only kills. Only destroys. Soon we arrive at a nondescript section of tunnel and the short one takes out a playback device while the tall one configures a device of some sort. There, we wait.

“Gate’s open!” sets off a sprint to the other side of the hallway, as the device is slammed against the wall, spreading down towards us. As it reaches us, my hand is grabbed and I am ran down the tunnel. Once at the end we turn off and continue our walking pace inside this labyrinthine structure.

Reaching an end, they peek out of a small trap door, and head up. It appears to be the ground floor of the glass and steel buildings, but it is entirely disused. I can see outside of the windows, and my face is placed upon many large monitors calling for my capture and death broadcast in company with generic advertisements for drinks, clothing, and baubles. I am informed that it would be best to find some sort of disguise, as while the voluntary security force may not be the best trained, it doesn’t take much training to activate a destructor rifle and point it in the vicinity of something.

I think to burst out of the front door and beginning to lay waste to the city, firing Gravity Spheres into the monitors that dare say I am a pretender, and crushing the buildings into dust by my will. Then I recall that it would take time and effort to charge just one sufficiently powerful Sphere, and much more than that to level even one city block. Filing the thoughts away, the two beings are currently talking at me. They share things about the city as well as themselves. When they finally reveal a plan to get to the spiral, I motion for them to lead the way.

We walk up the stairs of this building to the roof. They assure me that these turrets are disabled. The safe rooftops that were mapped out now lay before us. With their technology and my powers, we arrive on time. Nightfall. Strutts Square. They have a plan to sneak into an unoccupied floor and slowly work their way up to the penthouse suite to avoid security. From there, they can find more out about my ship and disable the spire. I watch them set up and enter the building according to their plan flawlessly. I then begin to charge a Gravity Sphere, and leap towards the top floor. Blasting a hole into the side of the building mid-air, I land on the inside.


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