The Queen of the Müün Part 2

All is not peaceful for long, however, as soon there is a meteor shower. I take to the sky, and destroy most of the meteors from my craft. Easy. Quickly, though, it intensifies: far too many meteors for my ship to last in the maelstrom of the deadly fast rocks. I send it down to the planet’s surface, so it would not become too damaged. I then take to cascading upon the upper atmosphere of the planet untethered; the omega suit anchoring in a stasis of gravity surge. The situation keeps worsening however: the intensity of the storm of stone only increases as time passes, rocks smashing at me, pieces of my chitinous armor being beaten and broken by asteroids. I fire blast after blast into the oncoming shower.

[Warning: Incoming Projectile]
[Warning: Incoming Projectile]
[Warning: Receiving Damage]
[Update: Diverting Power to Shield]
[Divert Power to Weapons]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]
[Warning: Weapon System Overload]
[Danger: Weapon Shut Down Imminent]

I can handle this. I’m winning. Then: it arrives; out of the darkness: The begetter of this tempest, an asteroid the size of the planet Müün itself. I am out in the cold blackness of space to face this in solitary. This is it.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]
[Warning: Weapon System Overload]
[Danger: Weapon Shut Down Imminent]

The quantum destroyer was of no use, it was like the buzzing of flies to it. I must save my Queen and the planet.

[Warning: OS OverRide::]
[New Weapon Realized::]
[Activate: Graviton Infinitus]

The graviton infinitus, my ultimate weapon, completely unknown, even to myself, even to the omega surge suit, until this single moment of importunity. My torso rips open in bleeding pain, and from within unleashes a massive beam of destructive force, tearing the rushing planetoid asunder.

True disaster averted, my suit shuts down, and I fall back to the planet. When I come to, I discover that the Kingdom has taken very little damage, but the Queen has been struck, and rendered unconscious. I rush to her side in the hospice, but when I look upon her face I can feel no love for her. Have I ever? However, when she awakens the following day, the feelings begin to return. My omega suit loves her, I love her. But now I cannot extradite my suspicion.

[OS Emotion Grid]
[Scan: Interference]

It’s her. I realize now. She has immense psychic power, she’s been controlling me, manipulating my suit and all the others from across the cosmos; even those that I destroyed. Perhaps it was my symbiotic relationship with my suit that made me especially susceptible to her hypnotic powers, or perhaps that was the only thing that saved me. It’s been since the very beginning – all for a companion and a planetary protector. The only thing that eclipses her psyonic powers is her ego.

[Warning: Communication Error]

She knows. Immediately, battalions of royal guards arrive in my quarters. She’ll pay for this. I liquidate every last one that dares stand in my way. They all do. I head directly to the Throne Room, smashing though people and stone walls alike. As I make my way down the main hallway, the pillars turn to powder by my fists. I send a gravity sphere at the main door to the Throne Room, blowing it apart. Walking into the large chamber, the squad of royal guards, the strongest on the planet, attack me. They are possibly new beings recently taken control of, possibly leftovers of those she called, reached out to through dreams and mind control. I waste no time to find out.

One Response to “The Queen of the Müün Part 2”

  1. He truly is “one with the omega suit.” I suppose he couldn’t fall in love with the Queen that easily and fast. Good thing he got past Queen Müün’s psychic egotistical powers, that was not cool on her part. I am glad he and his armor are back at one again, maybe the omega suit is all that he needs. And perhaps a chubby with its own battle suit! Yknow, for all those non-[Activate: Quantum Destroyer] moments.

    p.s. I notice you have these stories classified under gravity surge, that’s very awesome 🙂

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