The Intruders I

During one of the many sunrises I spend atop the ridge, an unknown craft rockets down from the sky, bursting through the aurora cloudline, and hovers just below it. Tac Missiles fire from it towards me. They land in the dead center of my chest, forcing my reflections to stop, and send me flying backwards down the mountain, into the forest at the base. My body smashes through trees, splintering them, toppling them over, and I finally land in the dirt and grass. Hmm, true violence. Ignorance. Not led by instinct or drive, but by choice. There is no end to such a black purpose save their own. A drive kicks in, deep within my mind. Kill. My blood begins to boil black. My veins ignite and burn with circuitry through my flesh as an explosion of light forms the outline to my armor before solidifying. A surge of gravity crushes the surrounding trees left standing to the ground. My vision blurs, shaking for a brief moment. Electrical arc discharges flow and spark the atmosphere around my body. I climb over a fallen trunk of a knocked over majestic, aged tree, and my eyes glow a deep red towards this intruder. A voice emits from the ship.

“You are the Gravity Surge.” I walk towards the craft.
“Your power has been categorized, and you are a danger to the entire multiversity.”

I have all the time in the universe, and yet I have no patience for this. A new death. I raise my hand, and focus my gravity powers. I crush the vessel, and see the blood of the bodies inside squirt out. I watch as it falls out of the sky, and slams into the desert floor. I jump down off the mountain onto hot sand, and walk towards the bleeding craft. ‘Ousniss’ is written upon the side. Doesn’t ring a bell. I begin to tear off pieces of the metallic hull, looking to see the gore within of crushed fools who thought they could dare come to my planet. There’s nothing to see but a fine, liquid paste. I smash the machine over and over, smaller bits break off with every hit. It’s as if I’m killing a cyborg, this mix of flesh and machine. For the first time in a long time, I smile as the blood splashes upon me in repeated bursts. But this small joy was not to last…

More bliss was on the horizon. An entire Armarda. All for me. From my place on the ground, covered in blood, I take to the air, bearing straight towards the burning warships entering the atmosphere. I smash through the entirety of the first one in the trilogy of commanding starfighters, explosions and fiery decompression following close behind. As the burning wreckage makes its way to the desert below, I veer towards the second ship, but am knocked back by cannon fire towards the third ship. I crash through it, stopping at the final hull on the opposite side. Most of the walls seal themselves. I stand, brush myself off, and walk towards the control deck. Soldiers pour out of their battlestations towards me. Their phaser blasts leave me… entirely unphased. A small few allow me to get close enough, while the intelligent keep their distance in retreat. The slower ones use their physical training, to no avail. Skills mean little without the power behind them. I receive a kick to the side, and punch the bestower’s entire right shoulder into a misty cloud of blood. He falls on his arm, and I step over him. The next few, still in fighting stance, their confidence shaken can barely move. I smash hit the one to my right with my forearm in the chest, and his blood explodes against the cold steel wall. The one in front, I kick in the stomach, and more splatter coats the hallway. I continue to walk, blasts flying around me once more, chasing them all the way into the control deck. Inside, they are in communications with The Network.
I interrupt their conversation of panic.

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