Incomprehensible Sentence IV

Yon-sogorath appears within the outer realm of the former interbeing from within one of its portals, and expounds across the extent.

“Outside of the realms of thought and possibility, you have felled On’goz-shl’hg as well. I am disappointed that I will not get to see your limbs dismembered and scattered across your planet, and will not have the privilege of seeing you done away with once and for all. However, there are other horrors you have offended, beyond even I. You must now face Ggi’lg”rdtg’d.”

And in my mind, I hear its other title blaring at me within the scape of my mind, demon of the stars, and at once I see the heavens splitting open as though the cosmos was giving birth to something clear of comprehension, a sound that was reminiscent of a roar shaking the atoms of the universe as it emerged, Ggi’lg”rdtg’d, with its body a mere amorphous, galactic blob of uncertainty, my mind struggling to take the entirety of it in, as it seemed to be made of a consistency like jelly, full of burning balls of gas and fire that were the constellations it kept hostage inside of itself, like prison for the unfortunate galaxies it enjoyed swallowing whole, creating more constellations within itself, growing bigger and bigger with the energy it consumed. It appears now almost like a dragon, giant eyes staring at me, burning with red hot intensity as it swam through the space, gravity not an obstacle as it floated through the space-dust, meteorites like mere pebbles in relation to the thing’s size, its voice deep and grating to my ears when it spoke, without an apparent mouth, but a voice to use nonetheless.

You will not live to see the rising of another sun.” It rumbles in a way that made my body feel as though it was going to be ripped apart by the frequency of its sounds, and before my very eyes, I see lasers of gamma rays shooting from its body, narrowly managing to dodge the weaponry as I tumble and attempt to catch my balance, knowing that this would not be the beast that would take me down, but also knowing that I could very well be wounded if my arrogance becomes too magnified and out of control. I force myself to focus, force myself to channel my own powers, show this “demon of the stars” what a real threat is, and I have some difficulty due to being forced to dodge from the seemingly endless onslaught of laser beams and fiery balls of gas being lobbed in my direction, and Ggi’lg”rdtg’d laughing at me, I can hear the sound of its amusement reverberating throughout my body, and that only serves to fuel my hatred of this creature, hatred of its hubris, its endless consumption of the planets and the cosmos, its belief that it is more powerful than me, and these emotions allow me to feel the true brunt of my power, charging up before I release an explosion of gravitational force upon the beast, I know I must face its full assailment and survive its cosmic blitz.

[Activate: Graviton Infinitus]

The massive beam explodes out from my torso, splitting the ancient demon in half, globs of gelatinous flesh coming loose from its body as it wails, and I know now that this time, I will be victorious. I know now what I must do, as I continue to work against Ggi’lg”rdtg’d, slicing it into millions of pieces, the stars within it collapsing one by one as their biological prison, their newfound ecosystem, crumbles little by little before my might.

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