Outset Part 1

In death I have never felt so alive.

I don’t know what this suit is, but it feels natural, like a part of me I forgot I had; the omega surge suit. I feel that the suit has bonded with my craft as well on some level, it has altered the exterior while I was in hypersleep. A new logo on the outside of the GS-336; is it fate, or merely coincidence that my ship already carried the moniker of GS, which stood for Guiding Star, a simple model and model number. I know I feel, I know it stands for Gravity Surge. But why? Why do I know Gravity Surge? The logo is bold and intimidating.

I travel to the coordinates, death in my mind. I hunger for it. I sit in the central control area of my craft, stars and black space rushing by me. My helmet is stoic against the lights of darkness inside the central control area. I am adrift in thoughts, very nearing the planet. A quick flash of light comes from the windows. It causes the darkened unaware eyes of my helmet to flicker, light up, turn from their dark red to bright red, me waking from reverie. I look around to find the source.

Finding nothing, I look to the control panel, it appears in front of me, translucent, blue. ‘Sleep Mode’ scrolls across the top. The buttons are outlined with a brighter blue, and light up when I apply pressure to them; ‘Active’ now scrolls. My fingers glide nimbly across the tri-panel light console as the room gets a dose brighter.
“Scan for hosti-“ I get cut off by a warning siren. Red lights flash, the panel turns red ‘Total System Failure’ now scrolls. A trap.

Smoke and flame billows out the back of my craft as it hurtles through the ozone layer of the coordinated planet. Soon my craft is coming in over a huge snowbound landscape, skimming hundreds of feet above it, as I attempt to control my descent.
“Come on, come on you piece a junk!”
It’s a black night, but the moons and stars light the field well enough for me to see the ground fast approaching as mountains whiz by in the distance on either side.

The moment of impact; unready for it, I smash through the front window, bouncing off the ground repeatedly as my craft skids to a stop, halting just a short distance from where I lay in a crumpled heap, having slid across the landscape.

Inside the ship, lights return. Upon the console, it scrolls “Repair Sequence Initiated.”

Outside, I slowly stand, facing away from the ship, snow up to my knees. There is blackness all around, the main light now emanating from my craft, as smoke billows out of the back; smoldering. I stand, breathing in the icy cold silence. I begin to scan the area as my craft repairs itself, I scan a full 360 degrees turning left, seeing nothing save some snowdrifts and my craft. As soon as I complete the full optical scan, I hear something off to my right: the heavy crunching of feet in the snow. I turn to the source, and then I see it, coming over a ridge. I zoom in. Some form of monster, lumbering towards me. It’s large, almost oval shaped, with clawed arms swinging, swaying to its movement. Its head looks like the skull of a crocodile, with black, hollow eyes. Its body is fur, grey. I cannot see its feet from the snow.

One Response to “Outset Part 1”

  1. YES! the great crocodile snow bear makes an appearance!!!

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