The Networked IV

The fully automated devices then go to work. They pick up everyone’s plate, cleaning the tables as they go. Pausing for a second, the 13 men speak once more.
“We’re sure you all have enjoyed the feast so far, and are thoroughly full, and it is at this time, we take a refrain before dessert…” The main lights dim and the secondary lights come on, setting the mood for a tale to be told. “In ancient times…”

They tell their story with a brilliant vidclip. They are a faction of the Network of Communicating Planets, but are now searching for some relics to find “The Guide,” some mythological figure said to be all-knowing, he who guides our lives. I drift in an out, my mind focusing on death. The video says something about this being the second stage of time, the middle to the end. My time on that planet was like an out of body experience, like I wasn’t fully myself. But it’s coming back now. Maybe the omega surge suit is functional again. Maybe there’s some way I can activate it, like when it first appeared. Hopefully I’ll not have to drain all the blood from my body again to do it. Tear them limb from limb.

The voice from the intercom chimes in once the vidclip is finished:
“Now is when dessert is to be served, so we ask you, knowing that it is unnecessary, as upon viewing the dessert you shall ask yourself, to make room for Gold Leaf Spirit Cheesecake!” The robotic arms come down, and give each person a large slice of cheesecake. It’s a layered, each layer the same, but separated by Gold leaf. On top there’s a red icing, it’s cold, and still has the smoky cold air around it.
“Each layer is representative of one of our four Guiding principles:”
The entire room recites them:
“To believe in the weight of life and death.”
“To believe in the power and wisdom of The Guide.”
“To discover all planets and their connections in His grand schema.”
“To preserve peace and prosperity.”
“Betwixt, the gold layers separate them like the vast cosmos; demonstrating prosperity, hope, mystery, and knowledge. These are the rules we must strive to live our lives by every day.” There is a solemn silence. “Now, eat well, my fellow Prophets of the Last Eclipse.”

My mind thinks of the end of time. I see people slowly eating the cheesecake, though they are stuffed. It’s almost as if they are required to eat it, but not quite, more like dedicated to consuming it all, just like they were to finishing everything off of their plates. I see visions of ripping through flesh and bone, but I focus on the cheesecake. I dig into the slice happily, it’s the most delicious thing I can remember eating, and I immediately forget about what transpired inside the inner machinations of my mind. It takes me to a new world, where my taste buds are soaring. This cheesecake truly is a spiritual, Godly delight. I can feel my soul being nourished as I eat more. Bite after bite, I believe more and more that this is right. With religious fervor, I finish eating; with my stomach and spirit full, I rest back in my chair, and pat my stomach. When everyone else is done, another announcement is made.
“Now that we are whole, this celebration can truly commence!”


3 Responses to “The Networked IV”

  1. Pretty interesting fourth part. Makes me curious about those dark thoughts and even more curious about that awesome cheesecake ^,^

    • I hope it’s well-written enough that it’s possible to discern that, in repairing itself, the armor was once again making him complete, causing those thoughts to bubble to the surface.

  2. Gold Leaf Spirit Cheesecake, i must create one.

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