Atop the Spire

Not wanting to lose a second, I give chase, up and over the neglected buildings, I am rapidly upon the glass buildings past the inner boundary, able to leap the tall buildings in a single bound. My vision does not lose track of my winged target, and before I realize it, I am flying directly towards it. I grab their remaining leg, and perform a front flip, smashing them through the roof back into the penthouse suite of Strutts Square tower. In the same fluid movement, I follow them into the office with a dropkick into their torso, cracking their shining armor. Their wing slashes at me, chasing the slash with a flurry of projectile feathers. A few embed into my armor, but none deter me. The airfoil turbine starts back up, and they return to the air, hovering against the blinding sun. I grab the giant deactivated spire and rush into the air, taking a huge swing with it and hit them right back into the building. Flipping it around, I charge directly at them, impaling them on the huge spiral. I twist it into them and into the floor until the blood and oil stops spraying me, and they finally stop moving.

“Unavoidable demise…” I turn around to face Duun Strutts, cowering behind their desk. The tall and short ones are there as well. They begin to thank me, for my distraction had caused their plan to go smoothly, evacuating most of the guards. I tell them to be silent, for my path of death has not ended. I stand before the Executive, and, feeling a stronger connection to my powers once more, I slowly crush them under a dense pressure. As their eyeballs burst, I breathe in the end of a life. Turning to face the pair of beings, I demand answers as to their discoveries here. Together they reveal that since the executive had discovered my craft, resources were diverted towards building a facility to study it, rather than improve the outer sections. That it was in this place that they developed the spire, using my craft as a sort of power source. There’s not much more information that I directly care about, but they continue on for a few minutes before they reveal that my craft should be exactly where I left it, according to what they’ve found. As they continue with other details, I take off into the sky towards my craft. Burning through the barrier of the dome, following a massive wire coming from beneath the structure, entwined by the overgrown nature of my Loameria.

When I arrive, there is a moderately sized structure in the shape of a polygonal crocodile made of chrome. I can feel my ship still inside, but it is faint, distorted almost. I descend towards it, but large ordinance emerges from the complex, and after a brief moment of quiet, opens fire. Explosions shatter the tranquility and detonate all around me. Dodging the artillery, I cascade across the thunder and flame, bashing each blaster into bits with my bare hands. When I am done, an aperture in the side of the complex opens.

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