The Networked VI

The next day, however, it is time to train for their next mission. I am awoken early, and immediately brought to the training sector of the ship. It is large with many different rooms for various training activities. I can tell just from how the men are that some have been trained to specialize in certain activities, as well as being competent in everything else, while others were trained in more general ways, to be a jack-of-all trades, who would be better than average in most everything.

Vokrssel comes from a training room in the common armor, as opposed to his ceremonial robes from the night before.
“Ah, good to see you’re doing well! We have much to do today, but at least because of that display last night, we no longer have to spare a suit of armor for you, eh?” Vokrssel takes me to the first of the rooms on the right. Inside the entirely white room, there’s only a small platform.
“This is where new recruits get their suit, see this young man here. It really is an amazing process. One simply steps onto that platform so it can take your measurements and you then have a suit.” The young man steps on the platform, arms come out of the wall, and scan him with a bright light. Once the lights finish scanning, the arms retract, and out of a hole in the wall comes a small ball the same color as the men’s suits. He holds it in his hands and rolls it in his palms like he was making dough into a ball. The suit slowly starts enveloping his hands, and goes up his arms, over his clothes, enveloping and assimilating them all, even his backpack: creating a small self-made one of itself. Soon he’s completely covered in the suit. He even has a helmet, which I’ve seen on none of the others. The helmet is the same color as the rest of the suit, and matches perfectly. It has one large black lens at the eyes, and is relatively nondescript. Cut him open. Explode his innards. Disintegrate everyone.
“What he has to do now is concentrate, envision himself without the helmet, and it’ll go away until he concentrates on having it again.” The young man does so, and it happens.
“An amazing process. I hope you know how to remove your suit, talking to that helmet is rather disconcerting.”
I do not know if this suit is my flesh. I concentrate, and steam shoots out from my helmet, and cracks open. I remove it with my hands, and hold it. Maybe I have more control of this than I thought.
“Astonishing! Let’s begin training, but, uh, you might need that helmet!”


One Response to “The Networked VI”

  1. Woah. Interesting twist to the armor. Now I wish I had a pair. Can’t wait to read about the training.

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