Under the Domed City

The smell of burning ozone can be tasted on the air, but the two beings once more stand directly in my way in an attempt to block my path. Prepared to slaughter them, I stay my hand as I will not be deferred from my singular task. I push past them and their pleas for reason and planning. Again the invisible wall and I clash. I will not be stopped. With my arms fully forward, I direct every energy I have into breaking through, but am matched and surpassed again with even greater force. I can see a large spire atop the tower glow more and more. Bolts of lightning tear at buildings, the concrete of the streets fractures, opening up, and yet I still can make no forward progress. Water pipes burst and their contents whirl and boil with the competing forces of nature. Then, at my maximum output, I can feel it, I believe I am starting to break through when my arms convulse and implode as another blast sends me careening back into the slums.

I awake surrounded by more of the destitute. Leaking pipes and concrete surround. They have taken me below street level. They explain that their way will be much easier, as there are many ways into the city. There are multiple gates set up around the barrier, but they have extra security. The ideal way into the city is the underground smuggling tunnels. Numerous factions use them. It will be far easier to kill everyone if I accept their help in getting to the center. Choosing the path of least resistance, I allow them to show me the options to get to my objective. I sit up to reform my arms, glowing constellations and planetary pathways outline along nonexistent veins before my armor is outlined and in a flash of light appears fully formed.

Before they go over the routes, they give further explanation of what I have just encountered. It seems that not long after my craft was discovered, the city planners went from everyone trying to cooperate and complete the city to trying to create a hard line of distinction between those who had a right to be there and those who did not. Over the next few years Groundpoints were embedded around the completed parts of the city, abandoning the slums. The powergrid is decentralized, and so they could not shut off their power. Once the Groundpoint project was complete, a great Spire was placed upon the tallest building in the city center, and an impenetrable force field went up, all-but locking out those who were forced to live in the unfinished section. Since then, there has been immense struggle. Normal people are crushed to death should they attempt to cross the boundary outside of one of the few guarded entry points. The assumption is that my craft is being used to power this blockage. Whether or not that is the case, I will obliterate whoever is keeping my craft and my power from me.

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