Outset Part 2

It opens its bone mouth fully, I can see through the animated skull.

[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]

An incredible blast comes forth from its gaping maw. I just narrowly dodge as it leaves a huge blast trail carved into the snow.

Surprised by this immense display of power, and still new to my suit, I remain unsure of what course of action to take. Let’s see what this suit can do.

[Weapon Systems Available::]
[Gravity Bullets]
[Gravity Sphere]
[Gravity Blade]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]

A scatter shot fires from my fingertips into the general direction of the beast, leaving small craters around it. Dinger! Missed. Its gaping maw opens again, preparing to fire. I start running in a wide angle towards it. It fires again. As the blast trails behind me I fire more gravity bullets at it. I really need to get better at aiming. Fast. The snow thickens at my feet, slowing me down enough for the end of its blast to tag my side, sending me spinning in the air, landing in a deep snowdrift.

It stands there in the frozen silence, staring with its hollow black eyes at where I landed. Waiting. I erupt from the embankment in a flying leap. In the air I steady my right forearm with the open palm of the left. This time I won’t miss. It opens its toothy skull again, and prepares to fire. I become engulfed in the beam of blue light, but before it can exude its full power, I fire a gravity sphere from the palm of my right hand, demolishing the creature. I land, smoking, near the bloody smear it left on the snow. That must have been what brought down my craft…

[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]
[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]
[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]
[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]
[Warning: Dangerous Energy Signature Detected]

Bombarded by warnings I turn to the source; to the left, over the ridge from which that creature appeared; a huge open expanse; a plain of hundreds of these creatures, moving towards me, firing their blasts unrelentingly. I can’t let them get to my ship. I have to get off this planet of ice and snow.

As the first few have expended their blasts past me, I run towards the crowd. They won’t fire amongst one another.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

More blasts are fired across me. I’m moving too fast. I carve a path through them to the center, cutting them in half, through the stomach, removing razor sharp clawed arms, heads, shoulders, anything that I deem to be in my way. Their blood is an icy black. I feel my body chill as I become covered by it more and more as I slice my way through them. As their numbers continue to converge on me, they begin to overwhelm me, taking chunks out of my chitinous armor. I fend most off with my sword, and fire gravity spheres to thin their numbers as much as I can.

[Warning: Weapon System Overloading]
[Warning: Energy: 23%]
[Warning: System in Danger]
[Danger: Damage Critical]
[Danger: System Critical]

It’s just not enough, there are too many of them. My blood mixes with theirs, melting the snow and ice underfoot. A bloody, slushy mess.

[Danger: Power Levels Critical]
[Danger: Energy: 14%]
[Danger: System Shut Down Imminent]

I need something else, something to save my life, I need more power.

[New Weapon Realized::]
[Activate: Lunar Razor]

I cut deep into one of the beasts, and my blade unleashes a spinning crescent of energy through the crowd, cleaving a path of death and viscera. Before long, I am through the horde, they are no more, body parts strewn about. I walk back to my ship. It has fully repaired itself. Now, to return, and destroy the one who led me to this trap.

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