Celrdrrun Part 1

After having proven myself against that Hellbeast, I make my way back to the central planet of the disavowed area, the head in tow. I go directly for what I need: information. My vitriol seethes.

I kick the door open.
“Here is the head of the Hellbeast!” I shout as I fling the decapitated remains on the countertop.
“So I see.”
“Now, what do you know of this symbol? It is of the one who destroyed my planet!”
“Yeah, I know that symbol, and that planet? Way I hear it, they were looking for something.”
“Who’s they?”
“The owner of that symbol, of course.”
“Tell me. Now.”
“Well, I only know of one guy who has that, a real tough guy, a vile pirate snake, you do not want to mess with him, though, he’ll kill ya before he bothers to look at ya.”
“Tell me where to find him, or I will kill you.”
“Eh, alright, alright, fair’s fair: info for a Hellbeast’s head.”

She gives me the coordinates, and information on him, and I’m on my way. Celrdrrun is his name. It’s said that he is impossibly powerful and ruthless, going to planets and destroying them, he gets his jollies by uncovering, saving and preserving the history of a civilization by destroying that same civilization. Rendering him as the only who can tell the tale of an entire glorious civilization, and how it was ended by his hand, in an epic planetary wide-scale war, against him. He’s a lunatic. I’ll enjoy taking him down. He wears a reptilian form of armor, the woman said it was similar to my own, yet altogether different. He’s on some planet, where he trains, hones his powers.

I arrive at the civilizationless planet, and leave my craft in a cloaked orbit. There’s an Orbiter there from The Network of Communicating Planets. They must be looking for him as well. I concentrate on my newfound powers to aid in my burning descent in solitary to the forested ground. I can sense his immense power nearby. It disturbs me to my core; it’s sick, and twisted. I can taste my revenge, so palpable, at the cusp of fulfillment. I will avenge a life I left light years behind.

As I descend, I begin to see small insects surrounding, converging on me, this new entity to the planet. Continuing downwards, burning through the atmosphere, I realize that they are nowhere near me, but approaching fast. They’re massive. My scanner fires up, locating and locking on to each of them, it makes them out to be some sort of massive horned kabutomushi beetle. My scanners quickly become overloaded, there are too many of them, too large; can’t get a proper read.

Visual is all I have to go on, and it’s almost useless in a swarm like this. One of their T-shaped horns hits me hard, flat, in the center of my back. Another lock horns with the first, crushing me ‘tween. I can feel my innards turning to paste between these battle behemoths in the mid air competition to destroy me. I take hold of their horns and shove them apart, pushing my physical strength to its limits. I fall fast as I free myself, having lost concentration on my limited flight, and become skewered on the horn of another one of the numerous other beetles. With blood flowing from the wound, I claw my way back up the horn hand over fist until I make it to the tip, freeing myself, falling off with a ‘thuck’ and the horn exits me. Unfortunately, I’m freed only to be slammed by another, sending my flying into the path of another, pummeled by horn after horn, being thrown around, down. The last one to hit me sends me spinning downward, flying into the tree line. Disoriented, I sling some well placed gravity spheres at the ones who bothered giving chase, exploding their heads clean off. I break through the canopy, and hit the ground below hard. Sticks, twigs, and leaves infiltrate my fresh wound. For a few moments, I lay there on the ground, bleeding, recovering, and separating the debris from the boiling blood.

2 Responses to “Celrdrrun Part 1”

  1. Oooh, I am so happy you’re back to blogging; and full of inspiration too! I enjoy the “vile pirate snake” analogy and am not as fond of the “massive horned kabutomushi beetle” (though I suppose they are cool too..). This character (well…you) really seems to have a great knowledge of insects! How “Planet Bug” of you, lol. Anywho, I look forward to what happens next….will he bleed out dry? Will another giant bug attack him? …I suppose I shall soon find out! Good job on combatting that darned block that sat on your freshly washed hairs (sorry, I had to!) and keep it up!

  2. Wow. That was so different from a usual crash landing that we might have to come up with a different name altogether. I propose “horribly beaten up by the horn of many beetles” landing 😛

    Liking the story. Celrdrrun’s back story sounds pretty interesting. Going straight to part 2 to see where the story is going.

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