Celestial Atrocities

It was then that a dimensional rift tore open in the sky, the hue of it turning blood red and angry, as though the universe itself had become in tune with the terrifying nature of the creature that seemed to have slashed a gash through the atmosphere with its strength alone. It was the Horror, Yon-sogorath, one who can bypass Yog-sothoth. It is only through the datastream of my visors that I am able to keep my sanity at the sight of this horrid god, otherwise my conscious mind would be lost to me, fading away in the expanse of insanity. He began to speak through time and space to me.

“For disturbing the sky and its correlated dimensional beings, groundstage has been laid upon us all for an event that is not common to behold…”

Its mere presence was a creeping, pervasive horror that invaded the surrounding area, infecting everything in its wake. These beasts, these godlike creatures are not of this dimension, but they, like many of their ilk, are interwoven into the very fabric of reality, making it unreal, where the horrors may dwell freely within the dark ether between what is and what is not. For me, in this instance, these sights are an all too true reality of rifts over mountaintops, beasts, howling in terror and accompaniment, ancestors. It speaks out to me again, speaks in tongues I somehow intrinsically understand, as though it is communicating through the very fabric of reality.

“The request of this event was made at the behest of the interbeings who dwell in the other dimensions. Those eonic plains of a mystic other-space.”

Its manner of speech and texture of voice were all very impressive, if not a bit periphrastic. I quickly became bored of his recounting of history and listing of all the celestial atrocities I’ve single handedly committed. Remembering loosely something about an eternal punishment of cosmically enhanced dread-beings, I charge my armor, and attack this great old bastard. Translucent and invisible creatures attack me, and slow my ascent. I try to burn past them, but they weigh me down,

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I slice through the atmosphere, as easy as breathing, flying towards the portal, but as I get closer, my visor starts to crackle. From the portal itself, this Yon-sogorath, he brings them. Not part of this dimension, my gravity cannot affect them here, and they enter my brain, bestowing me with the pleasure of fright, the feeling in your gut of impending death. The fear of death. I feel alive again, and for a brief moment, I cannot move. It is death that drives me now. I let it continue, let it swallow me whole, and I hear his voice, rumbling and shuddering, making me feel as though I will shatter into a million pieces with the frequency of it.

“Your punishment will be death, mortal of power. Torn asunder within outer realms. Your reality is but a mirror for our dimension, and for your rearranging of the cosmos and perturbation of Their chosen domains, those vexed shall dole out such retribution.”

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