Disease of Machinery Part 2

The ground shakes from behind me while I marvel at the awesome destruction of the building. I stand and turn around to see the massive machination mechanically marching in my direction; I’m dead in its sights. It stops, raises both its arms, and places them together. They begin to transform from the elbow, shifting and combining into some sort of gigantic energy cannon. As the rim of the canon slowly begins to spin rapidly, energy particles form on the inside. As it whirrs, a high-pitched sound charges up along with a bring glow inside the barrel. Fuck… Not to be outdone, I place my hands together, to charge the quantum destroyer blast. It fires its canon, and I brace myself and fire against its beam, the two meeting in the middle.

[Warning: Weapon System Overloading]
[Danger: Weapon Shut Down Imminent]
[Divert Power to Weapons]
[Warning: Weapon System Overload]
[Danger: Weapon Shut Down Imminent]
[Danger: Weapon System Shut Down in Progress]
[Tip: Avoid Excessive Weapon Use!]
[Danger: Weapon System Shut Down]
[Warning: Receiving Damage]
[Update: Diverting Power to Shield]

The blast sends me barreling into the Cliffside, and brings down the entire mountain on top of me.

I slowly climb and smash my way out of the rubble, and as I push the last boulder out of the way and finishing climbing out, I see it. It is continually, unrelentingly, steadily walking towards me. It knows I am still alive, and damaged. It’s positively intimidating in its construction and mindless determination: compelled for my termination. The smoke from the blast trail only serves to add to the haunting aura of this hulking automaton, its silhouette striking cold against the red dusk sky. Its red scanner is the only illumination of the shadow figure. Soon, though, I hear something. Clank… Clank… Clank… Metal on metal, hollow. I can use this. A bunker: filled with a huge payload of missiles.

[Scan: Agent Isotope Unknown]
[Scan: Radioactivity Detected]

I compose my being; with mission in mind, I boost-run towards the constructed colossus.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I dig the blade deep in the steel ground, slicing a long line towards the machine. It tracks me, firing blast after blast at me, but none connect; I’m moving too fast. I form a semi-circle in the steel, run up the leg of the machine, cut into it, and kick it out from under the machine. The leg falls, but, with impeccable balance, the robot does not. I fire a gravity sphere into the other leg, and that does the trick. While it falls, I run up it, signaling my craft. I jump onto it, and take off into the sky. The machination smashes into the steel, breaking it through, and falls into the hangar upon the missiles. They explode beneath it, setting off a chain reaction. Giant blue explosions envelop half of the planet Ousniss, devastating it, rendering it to nothing; a scorched, smoldering ruin.

One Response to “Disease of Machinery Part 2”

  1. poor planet Ousniss.

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