Return to the Craft

I, however, remain dead inside. Unreplenished by a monumental duration embedded deep within a subriguous prison.

I return to the ground where my city once stood, now covered with evergreens and creatures I’d never seen before, new. Perhaps new to the universe, but it doesn’t matter. Before long they will die, and be replaced by new evolutionary forms. Maybe one day the proper elements will come into play, and history will repeat itself. If I wait long enough, will the city rebuild itself, and will it be as it was, an alternate history? No. I remove the thought from my head. A new one appears. My craft. Where has it been this long while? Has it been a long while?

I take to the stratosphere, and hone in on it. It’s easily found, untouched by the ravages of time, floating among debris. I enter into it, and check the date. Almost no time at all has passed since I entered the time/space anomaly. A few hours. It’s still in bad shape, panels missing, exposed wires. It’ll take a short while to repair itself, but still, I would like to land it upon Loamerian soil. The last constructed remnants of Loamerian manufacturing, however augmented by the effects of the Gravity Surge as it may be. The main engines are damaged, not to mention countless other odds and ends; it most certainly won’t be able to travel to other planets in this state, the Russell-Flettner drive is burned out. At least it’ll be able to manage standard planetary circumnavigation, for the time being. I engage the controls, and sparks fly out at me. It’ll be fine, just taking her in for a landing, nothing fancy.

I bring it in low across the ocean for a landing in a large meadow near where my city would be, when, up from the depths, a giant crocodile-like creature leaps out of the ocean, and catches it in its immense jaws. The hull begins to crack and cave in. I put the thrusters into full reverse, breaking off the holding teeth, backing down into its esophagus, and the engines burn out. I hear the throat of the giant beast working, bringing me down into the stomach. I blast a hole in the door, and exit the craft before the acid can burn through me. I exit out somewhere from the chest, deep below the water; yet it continues to swim, contented in the meal, barely noticing the pinhole sized opening I made for my escape.

I power towards it, and grab it by the tail. I do this with ease, and swing it once into the air, tossing it into a forest on the land. It moves awkwardly, with limbs made for the water. It tries to get its bearing, roaring and thrashing about. I toss a few gravity spheres at it, but they hardly get though its thick, scaly hide. Though they did gain its attentions, and it sees me, performing an impressive lunge it captures me in its jaws again. This time, however, I am without my ship, where I can focus my energies. I hold open its jaw with one hand, and with the other, fire the Quantum Destroyer: a steady stream of energy blasts out the back of its brains across the land, and it goes limp.

I walk down its throat, and into the stomach. There are a few shark and squid like creatures in there, burning alongside my poor craft. I blast them off, and take hold of it, dragging it back out of the croc’s mouth. Opening the gigantic maw, I notice that it landed in the exact meadow I had intended on landing in. Not really seeing any point on dragging my craft out further, I prop the underbitten jaw open, and set my craft to repair itself. Then, I head back out to explore this new old world.

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