Inside the Superstructure

Dust and debris swirl about me in the wind coming from the new opening I just created. As it clears, I see the Executive, Duun Strutts, clad in a gold-threaded suit. Smirking from behind their desk, they start into a speech, bragging of their knowledge of me, when I entered the city, and how I should join them. Importantly, it is revealed that the whereabouts of my craft are well known to them. They continue on about the spire and their control over the city. As they wind down, they reveal a simple remote in their hand with a single button. Should I refuse their offer, they say, a simple press of the button will conjure my unavoidable demise. I rush towards them, taking the remote from their grasp with one hand, and grabbing their forearm with the other, completely shattering both the radius and the ulna. Releasing their arm allows the debilitated hand to droop down, held only by bloody flesh pierced with bone fragments. They fall to their knees from the pain. Staring into eyes awash with terror, I press the button.

“I Refuse.”

As few seconds pass before a loud screech echoes down from above. Then, with a metallic shimmer, what appears to be a gleaming bird of prey descends from they sky. Talons pierce into my body and I am lifted into the air, away from the spire. I am dragged across other skyscrapers, smashing windows and taking chunks off of rooftops, sending debris to the streets below. I try to weigh down my body, but cannot. Something is further interfering with my abilities. We fly through the internal barrier as if it weren’t there, and I am thrown into a dilapidated would-be shopping mall.

With gaping holes in my torso and control over my powers once more, I focus on steeling myself against the next attack. I don’t think I’m fast enough to avoid it. Skylight windows shatter up and down the plaza, I cannot pin down a direction until a slice through the wind cuts into me, then another, and another, finally knocking me off balance with a direct hit to my chest, and I’m sent over the edge of the railing down to the ground below. I am attacked multiple more times on the way down, and crash into a kiosk. The metal assailant dive bombs me, slamming their talons into me, and dragging me through the tiles and cement before rising up high into the sky again. They tear off a piece of my shoulder armor, and throw me back towards the ground. In the distance, the inner shield fades, and I feel invigorated. A barrage of missiles follow me, exploding all around me, slamming me into the ground once more. When I stand, it is no longer under duress. The attacker attempts to bombard me again with quick attacks, but now I can see them, and on the next strafe I grab on to and tear off one of its legs. It pauses in the air, silhouetted against the moon, finally seeing that the inner shield has shut off. I use this moment of distraction to launch a Gravity Sphere at it, but it stops it mid-air, adjusts its single wing, fires it back at me, and takes off towards the tower. I narrowly dodge the volley, but am left in the dust.

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