The Hellbeast Part 2

“Ah, the mortal returns in one piece!”
“Far more than I will be able to say for you. I’m not from here, I do not believe in this planet’s beliefs, and I know what you are, demon, and I will see to it that you are decapitated.”
“Oh my, yes, I see; far beyond mortality in ways unseen. However, no being is so far beyond the murder that only one from the Hellish Dimension can bring.”
“Let’s see what you can do, beast.”

It lashes out me with hellfire, and sends me backwards in a gust of flame. I slam into a vehicle. He shrinks to my size. He’s trying to toy with me. I know I can kill this thing. I pick up the vehicle and shoot it at him, then fire a gravity sphere to the bottom of it. The fuel charges explode on impact.
“I am born from the fires of hell! That was nothing, it was as a cool breeze to one such as I!” He comes for me with lightning speed, and pins me with one arm against the pavement. He pushes me into the now melting rock, as his hands sear my armor.
“I am born from nothing. All of life, even yours, Hellbeast, is nothing to one such as I.” My eyes fire a quick burst fire energy beams, and he stumbles back, clutching his face. I stand, molten pavement falling off me, his handprint still smoking in my chest.
“This should be easier than I thought, your powers do not match the legends.”
“I shall show you how these legends were formed; I am one from the Hellish Dimension!”
[Activate: Gravity Blade]
“Don’t care,” I said with a palpable apathy to my voice.

I attack swiftly, but without tactic. He blocks my blade with his clawed hands, empowered by the fires of the Hellish Dimension, my blade has not yet the power to slice through such a force. He slashes me across my abdomen with his scythen nails. My blood boils. Literally. The liquid bubbles upon the ground and from the wound.
“Boiling blood? And not by my hand, either; why, you get more interesting by the second, mortal. Your death will be a delicious treat for me.”
“I cannot die because I can hold no belief in my death. I am tied, tethered to the beyond, the ultimate end. It will be a pleasure to remove your offensive head.”
I fire gravity bullets past him, and quickly run up, and deliver an uppercut to his stomach. He vomits hellfire, and grabs me by the shoulders, tossing me at a large nearby stone structure. The pit from whence he came is near, I can sense the fluctuations in power. He comes at me, growing larger.
“I will crush you for thinking you can deliver such an attack on me! I will teach you the pain of the Hellish Dimension!”

I remain silent, and make a run for his legs, slicing them off. He slides from his removed appendages as the wounds spew more hellfire, forming into the cloud, spiralling.
“No! Don’t you know what you’ve done? You’ll pay for this!”
I stand on his back, with one leg firmly on the back of his head. I assert a gravity field from my boots to keep him down.
“No! This can’t happen!” he struggles to get out from under my foot, but cannot, “I am the truth beyond the grave!”
“Yeah, so’s everything else.” With that, I lop off his head. His head rolls to the ground, shrinking; I walk over and pick it up.

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  1. Sorry, guys, I couldn’t help myself. Gravity Surge-themed continuation of Bound to Death

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