As I enter into the unknown plane to repair my craft, my eyes are stabbed by a flash of a neon light. I can feel the cold grip of death tearing at me as my soul screams in pain. I must fix this. I must get out of this and grasp my destiny. The unknowable sights that I viewed while inside my craft take on a new life when I am outside, a vision softly creeping. Transcending azure surrounds. My spine goes numb. I make it to the external warp engine drive system. It’s been damaged. By what? I begin to work on it, fixing it the best I can, but it’s odd; it wasn’t quite so much damaged as altered, changed. I can sense something out here, some other being, beyond death, watching. Did it cause this damage? Something from within me urges me to call out to the feeling.
“I know you’re out there. If you want me, come and get me.” Stupid, just my mind playing tricks on me. I have been in isolation for far too long. Even if it is nothing, whatever it is, it must have never seen another being since the very beginning, the unfolding of the multiverse, existence; in this nowhere dimension. The gravity out here surges with ardor. Once the repairs are complete, I head back inside, through the decontamination chamber. The sensors detect no foreign bodies or bacteria. I suppose there truly was nothing out there.

I begin the engines. I can finally leave this place, return to my world. I’m excited to see everyone again. I engage the warp engine, creating a portal back to life, back to reality, and head into the hypersleep chamber for the trip home.

When I am woken up, reaching my designated coordinates, I can feel my body positively surging with energy. I head directly for the central control area, thrilled to finally be able to see my planet after so long. How long has it been? When I make it to the window, I can see my planet. It doesn’t look at all how I remember it. Where are the beautiful oceans, the lush expanses of green? Where is the world I remember? A black cloud covers most of the planet. I take my ship in closer, and see only destruction, ruins. I scan for life: Nothing. I connect with The DataBase: It’s been years since I have gone. My planet expired, no information on how, when, or why, only that there is no trace of this once great civilization. My mind burns with the loss. I have no anchorage. What do I do, when there is no place to call home. I enter into orbit around the planet, to think, clear my head. That’s when I see it: A symbol carved into the planet: the one who is responsible. They’re proud of their work, destructor of worlds. I fill with rage. Immediately, I scan the symbol, and get a trace going as to its origins. This being will pay with its life. I don’t know how I will ever be able to get my revenge on one who can destroy planets, or even if they are still alive, but it doesn’t matter. I have nothing to live for now, save death.

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