Uncharted Planet Part 2

The Regl’arts’, as they call themselves, recorded history began millions of prime cycles ago, pieced together from relics that they had uncovered and deciphered; simple etchings of a more primitive time. They have lost and changed many civilizations, but one thing they have been able to preserve is the sense of invention, never throwing anything away, and always improving. One of their lost civilizations were able to create great structures far beyond their presumed capability, but that did not deter the future civilization that uncovered these relics, it inspired them to perform complete excavations until the secrets were found, and found they were, deep underground.

The more advanced civilization learned from these ancient lost secrets, combing them with their current technology, and discovering new forms of irrepleteable energy. This new technology did little to end wars, as the division that had uncovered the relics saw an opportunity to make profit instead of sharing this valuable resource to create a utopia. For cycles upon cycles, they had control, and exploited and squandered this precious gift, until they had gained too much power and wealth, and made themselves and enemy of the very beings of the world. They were overthrown, and crumbled. Then came, after a long reprise to rebuild, a new world order; one of peace and prosperity. For a long while, this worked, but their physical bodies were weak, and while technology took care of most every need, a virus developed, completely eradicating the bearers of the species. At this time, however, cloning had been developed, and the other gender was lost to time.

Science and technology became the focal point of an entire world, with no posturing for mates. Life and death became playthings, one would be able to die and be reborn as they were in a matter of days. Weapon development became another way to enjoy one’s self, war became games; death became laughable. Laugh and laugh they did. Eventually, a new lost technology was found, to protect one’s self from death, the cloaks and capes. An ancient civilization created them using powerful energies much like the ones now in use. They were heavily used in these new games, adding a new dimension to the ways one could live and die. They wanted to protect their way of life however, and built sensors for incoming space debris such as comets and meteoroids, and defences against them, never thinking that there could be life other than their own out in the abyss of the void. Scanning only their solar system, they discovered materials that they wanted to acquire, and so they developed limited space travel to excavate these materials and bring them to their own planet. Using new materials, they only created new weapons, singular war-pods to travel faster, and kill others with greater excitement.

A new possibility came into this game when the Network of Communicating Planets attempted to map it. Their egos had been abducted, the discovery of lives outside of their own. New combatants to enter the game. Right away, they began construction of interstellar travel. This, of course, is once again the point in their history where I become a part of it. A self appointed reaper of dangerous civilizations and their chronicles.

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