Traveler Out Of Time

“Well, good to see you havn’t improved at all. I’d like to see you dis-integrate your entire planet that you fought so hard for, as you did my entire future.” I roll onto my back.
“Don’t worry, I think I’ll just dis-integrate you.”

[Activate:: Gravity Bullets]

I aim my arm at him, and my hand begins to spin rapidly, releasing a gatling fire of energy blasts. A few clip him, others blast through his armor, but thousands more miss completely before he returns fire, blindsiding me. The blast sends me burning a trail to a deep crater in the center of the continent before I can stop it. He’s already there, gloating beneath the black cloud that blots out the sun. The water pouring in from underground sources evaporates immediately off of my scalding armor.

“I’d normally tell you to surrender because you’re so pathetic, but I just know I’ll have even more fun tearing you limb from limb than I did your entire family!”

He flies at me, and our fists lock in the ensuing power struggle, crushing. The first one to give up is the first one to die. The ground cracks beneath our feet, rock and water pushed away, into the ground and up into the air by the sheer amount of power being exerted. The crater expands, deepens. The walls crash, and torrents of water flood in.

The battle of wills and strange powers, encased in a dome of energy at the bottom, continues unabated.

“I can keep this up forever, you nobody! I am Kænus! I have become a time lord!”
“You idiot! You just don’t get it, do you? I can’t die! Even if you win, and kill me, I can’t die! Even if I didn’t want to wipe you from existence, I have the power of the entire cosmos, I AM the power of the entire cosmos, you just have some stupid suit made from old bullshit! Now die!”

I concentrate, focus, remove all thoughts. Anger. Revenge; anything; they are all pointless, transient. There is only my drive. Death. It is death, the constant of life within the cosmos, within this vast plane. The end of life. The plane of reality, life that I cannot escape. If I cannot die, then everything must.

No. He must die.

I begin to feel his every molecule being compressed, popping, combusting, imploding by the sheer force of the gravitons. Everything about him in existence is dying. His screams of pain echo through and across time before he completely dis-integrates.

The clash of destructive energy forms creates a cataclysmic explosion, decimating my body; my own powers counter-react to the augmented tachyons and a shockwave of the unknown combined energies envelopes the destroyed planet Loameria. Far below the scorched sky the energy dome dissipates, and the remains of my mutilated torso at the bottom of this new sea become frozen in time.

Pressure, intense. No need to breathe, no sights to see.

I am to blame. Why am I driven to death? Why was I given this power?

After all of this, I end up right back where I started, worse off than before in countless ways.

One Response to “Traveler Out Of Time”

  1. Ahh so that’s how that fight went! I’m excited to see some underwater action!

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