By the Grace of Green I

As I travel through space in hypersleep, I feel a beacon calling out to me through the ether. She tells me of her planet. A civilized world, where she is being oppressed, her people, harvested for food. All she wants to do is live, and be free. I awake to find myself still in my craft. I rush to the control area to find that I’ve come to stop at a beautiful green planet, which, halfly, is covered by artificial cities, filled to the brim with beings. The like which called out to me? The same level, but less conscious of themselves.

I descend, unknowing what exactly it was that I was told during hypersleep, the visions crumbling away to my waking state. Upon landing, I am set upon by its people. Their way of life is being threatened, the buildings, cities, and roadways in which they inhabit are beset upon by a monster, one that used to devour anyone who would venture too far into the forests, a myth, but in recent years became anything but. It started reaching out, taking people, infiltrating and destroying the smaller, defenseless cities, branching out and overtaking their civilizations. They tell me of a possible epicenter deep within the jungles. Soon, if this plague persists, they will attack the unknown, and risk destroying the entire planet to preserve their way of life. I am compelled to intervene, if only to kill this creature that would wantonly take life as its own.

I head to the coordinates in my craft, and proceed alone. As I near my destination, large vines lash out from the trees, attacking me. I dodge hundreds of them, but one connects. Defending themselves. It affixes itself to me. I react instinctively.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I slice through the tendrils, milk and nectar splattering the canopy below. Threatened, they fire propellers that slice at my very armor; causing only slight scratches. Should a monster as described to me be not more powerful than this? I fire my eye beams at the remaining incoming projectiles, and they are quickly reduced to ash and cinder. They retreat from their attack, but not fully. They’re trying to communicate. I close my eyes while I hover. My suit is able to communicate on their level with my aid in concentration; or, without my interference, rather. I allow them to lead me, and I follow, to get to the root of the matter. Shortly, I come to a clearing of an ancient civilization that once ruled the planet. The stone structures have been there for millennia. Then, I see her: a beautiful woman, basking in the sunlight on a bed of leaves, high up in the air. Once I am close, she stirs, and descends towards the ground. I follow. Upon landing, I notice that her veins are of vines. Her long, entwining hair is adorned with flowers. She is an inhuman grace, with too earthen a quality. She is calm, serene. One with nature. I now understand this meaning. In all her nakedness, the eternally young bodied woman reaches out to me, and I take her hand. In an instant, I can feel her consciousness.

6 Responses to “By the Grace of Green I”

  1. Yeah, you really need to see the movie “Avatar”..your story sounds almost identical to the film’s main points and the character’s description (the female) is basically the same as the main female Avatar in the ovie (the “breed” of the -forest-dwelling people as given by the white man). If you haven’t seen it already, you should…though it might feel deja-vu for you! Good job because you’re entering a new less sci-fi styled genre……your writing has a very organic quality to it, the descriptions anyways. I love this sentence “I slice through the tendrils, milk and nectar splattering the canopy below.”…mmmm and oooohhhh!

    • Ohh, yeah, I’ve only heard ‘buzz’ about that, and nothing interesting or relating to my story. Mostly things about the graphics.
      From what I’ve read on it, it seems most who are able to think would feel deja-vu from the forced and over-used hollywood cliche plot.
      Thank you, writing has been improving my descriptions; much to my chagrin, it’s forcing my stories to be far longer than I intend at their outset.
      Back to Avatar, I find it sad that James Cameron has sunk so far with tripe like this, as some of my favorite movies are his, with Terminator 1 + 2, and Aliens, etc.. However, upon reflection, I notice that since Terminator, they’ve all been rather formulaic and ‘hollywood’, despite the passion in the films for the material, which is what gave them their genuine quality. And, well, then came Titanic,,,, that is when I knew to disavow anything further he had to commit to film, including this new pop-culture graphic-infused garbage light-show spectacle for the dim-witted, unthinking masses “Avatar”. He has lost his artistic vision, and it is all I can do to never end up like him and his ilk.

      • I just found it coincidental both the girl in your story and the main character in Avatar had hair like vines and that she was described as being inhuman but very earthy and in tune with Mother Nature @_@
        Well, that’s cinema nowadays. Nothing is original or pure anymore, “it’s all been done before”. So now, they’re trying to make the old new and improved. I think many directors have lost their creative vision. I think it goes beyond that even. They have lost their creativity at the core. I am even fed up with “….based on so and so’s best-selling novel”….No one has ideas anymore, or even tries to it seems.

        Back to your stories, you can really tell that your descriptions have improved, you have a good choice of words…very flowy and pleasant…regardless of the plot. You manage to make someone getting their spine ripped sound awesome. And I think it’s cool your stories are becoming longer….you should be really proud of that feat–one that is definitely not easy!

        Maybe you will someday be known as the brilliant writer who started his career with a blog commenting James Cameron 😉

  2. Oooooo, a new planet with new problems and sexy women with vines for veins. I like where this next part of the story is going ^,^

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