Again with the Facility

I land, spire in hand, inside of the side entryway. Again the scientist’s voice chimes in, telling me to bring the spire to the rear of the complex. I follow down the spine, past the pelvis, and into a large room. There I am told to place the spire into a slot that seems carved to fit it. With a loud hum, it lights up, and begins rotating faster and faster. Quickly it is up to speed.

“Perfect, this should be enough,” a click is heard over the intercom, and a red light is emitted from the contraption, “to destroy you!”

A beam entangles me, locking my movement. Struggling only causes it to fluctuate, throwing me around the room.

“So stupid! I could not have asked for a more idiotic test subject! With your data from this experiment in my possession, I’ll finally be able to figure out the source of your powers! I’ll be able to replicate them! Or, at least, transfer them to myself. You did kill my first experiment, after all. My bird of prey, sadly only used as a bodyguard.”

“… Kill… you…” I mutter through a jaw clenched shut.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure you will, should you ever find me, or, survive this.” Another button is pressed, and the beam intensifies. Electromagnetism begins to tear my atoms apart, nuclear forces explode apart the inside of my nuclei, inside my atoms, splitting them within themselves. “There must be more to you than mere gravity, and I will prove it here and now, by subtracting your intrinsic field, disintegrating your very self.” Then, with a final burst of light, I am gone…

“I… I’ve done it! Look at these readings! Exactly as I… hmm, that’s peculiar…”

Bolts of electricity fire across the lab, and I am reborn again. I quickly destroy the machine.

“You fool, you… anomaly! My life’s work, ruined, all for nothing! I’ve dedicated my entire life to understanding the very concepts and fields that bind the universe together, and all of it, ruined by some freak in an armored suit!”

“So are you ready to die now?”

“Never, I can fix this data! I can, I can–” The scientist is cut off by another voice.

“Grav, we’re in the sub level of the penthouse! This scientist wants to destroy you, replicate your powers! We can see you from here, but you need to hurry, they’ve activated an escape pod in the tail!”

I run past the destroyed machine, through the narrow hallways before I begin to plow through the walls slowing me down. I make it to the end, and am engulfed in flames from an afterburner. As the smoke clears, I see its trail, and fly off after it. I catch it in mid-air, and rip off the canopy. I grab the scientist by the collar, and stare them dead in the eyes. I use my powers to redirect the escape jet to turn around, and aim it towards the ground. I see the panic set in. They beg for their lives, their research, they do not want to die in vain. The ground is ever approaching. They offer nothing. The ground is bathed in fire and wreckage.


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