Via Conveyance

Throughout the following days, the rise in activity grows, and I am faced with primary factions from across the grid. All with their own champions. Those with conflicting beliefs and overlapping goals united and attempted to unleash a virus to kill all life by invading a bio-facility. There were attacks on the Generator, and then upon the Power Generator for the Generator. Then, the Central Guard Company’s new suit got fused with a demon. After that, a building gone rogue. The next day it was a cybernetic magician providing cover for more low-rent burglaries, and, of course, the trouble with the Kyuryu Science Institute. but on this day I am called upon for a more interpersonal matter…

The short and tall ones have since taken up residence in Krokodopolis with multiple liaisons from the tunnels acting within the sub-city laboratory. They have been scouring the unimportant sub-systems of my craft, like scavengers going through cold storage. It briefly occurs to me that I could build this ship from the ground up in its original form, but I had not thought of it since it changed forms as I had. My musings are cut short by a panicked voice over the intercom: Techrider is back, and he has set is judgement upon them.

I arrive and see a a golden-winged angel dive-bombing from the sky in a rapid attack and defense pattern upon the city skylines, dodging blasts that are tearing up the city, She is a beautiful and dangerous lustrous vision, shock white hair, noble in face and determination. Then I hear the roaring engine of her pursuer. Shining Booster Techrider.

I am contacted by the Krokodopolis Labs team, they say to maintain my position, as they are sending something to my location. They have been discovering multiple quickrail systems tunneling beneath the city, many connecting the two locations. Pistons wheeze as a hatch opens up and a platform is raised amidst the smoke and steam. As I see the figure emerging, I am contacted, and asked if I knew about it. I was, but had not thought of it since before I changed, as it was no longer necessary. They inform that they have repaired it in secret, and it may be capable of amplification of my power while I am in its presence. Much as my craft was. Before me stands the basic shelf model of the standard ATV equipped on all Guiding Star model single-occupant exploration crafts, an integrated GS-Duocycle. It, too, has undergone changes since I became the Gravity Surge, though still bone white and chitinous as my original armor.

I tear off towards the conflict on my Duocycle, screeching tires against ground emitting a thick smoke. Sparks fly off the underside as I leap from overpass to overpass in highly stacked interchanges, dodging other vehicles driving on these floating roads closed in amidst monolithic skyscrapers. I keep my eyes affixed to the chased shimmering angel in the sky.


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