About the Site

This is an “about” page, I put information here about myself and my site so you, dear readers, know where I am coming from. I can create many pages like this one or sub-pages and manage all of my content inside of WordPress, but this one should be fine!

This is my internet-site, and it is mostly a collection of short (~500 words) stories that I make up on the spot when I sit down to type. I try to update often enough so that most peoples have the occasional random story to read alongside their morning liqueur. My more random stories usually contain or are inspired by a single sentence or two that I find around my life, or think up during the week!

Stylistically, the stories themselves are, simply put, how I write, which I think is fairly casual; they mostly come out sci-fi. Mostly. However, we shall see how this ol’ blog progresses, as I can write anything once the burners get going. In that vein, I do use this as my personal forum to play, experiment, and innovate my writing in any way possible. Now, this length is about half a story, because I’m not here to write about myself, I’m here to spin yarns!

jake [GuNNhead]


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