Exploration: Cosmos

I’m farfamed across the known universe for my adventures and exploration. I’ve discovered more new worlds than most of the original explorers now, with only a few to go to catch up to all others. The trick is all in the technology, as it’s no longer about simply seeing a planet and naming it, one must implant a recognizable beacon so that the Network of Communicating Planets can map its coordinates, and continue to track the planet’s trajectory, path and other such information after the initial terrain scan, which I also do. This determines what the planet consists of, as well as its potential for life and other projects that may be of interest.

Of course, in the continuity of my travels, I have encountered many forms of life as well. In these instances, one may think that it is the one who ‘discovers’ the life on the planet, but this is not the case. A universal translator is used to analyze, approximate, and aide me in communications with the life, to determine what they call the planet or refer to themselves as, and that is what is used. It is only when the entire solar system is completely barren that I am given the opportunity to name the planetoids. However, it has been seen that on planets where the beings had not assigned names to their surrounding planets in their solar system, that, once they had become advanced enough to do so, their names were chosen over that of the explorer, it being a simple matter of jurisdiction.

Now, if you are seeking to become an explorer such as myself, another handy tip is that if your spaceship needs power heedless: you must give your ardor engine the right fuel, with prescription and no psydefects. I recall one time, when I was just beginning my adventures, there was an ambush awaiting me upon my arrival to an uncharted planet. Now, because I was still an abecedarian, my ardor engine’s fuel that I had amalgamated had multiple psydefects, making a getaway from this telegraphic population a problematic issue for my survival. Their cloaks and capes incited them nerveless, while their Fluorographic weapons were a beyond vehement technology than I had not anticipated in my relative novitiate. Luckily, I had my emergency supplies along, and was able to supply my ardor engine with pre-amalgamated fuel. Though this fuel is actualized and conglomerated in mass quantities and procured in markets, it can get the job done, not as well as the fuel I now amalgamate myself, but it was able to bestow escape in this instance.

3 Responses to “Exploration: Cosmos”

  1. i would like some more tips on becoming an explorer!

    • GuNNhead Says:

      Perhaps eventually there will be more from this amazing explorer! He has many more interesting stories, that’s for sure! We’ll see what tips he has for new explorers such as himself. Perhaps there will be futher tales based only on the creatures he has encountered!

  2. that sounds delightful!

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