Intransigent Part 1

There exists a planet, Thértuu, deep within the Torinadul system whose relationships with its moons are a rare micro-solar system on their own. While the planets in this solar system all attain their light and some heat from the large yet weak sun they orbit, the fifth planet from the sun is composed primarily of lava and magma. The heat generated from this planet supported life on its four orbiting moons.

This relationship lasted for eons in perfect harmony, until the inhabitants began to detect a globalized warming of the planet. This giant ball of liquid rock was becoming unstable. In what appeared to all to be a good idea at the time, it was decided that the united moons would bombard Thértuu with a chain of permafrost ebullations, creating a solid-force extrusive igneous rock. This chain did indeed create a sort of rock-net, cooling the planet and thusly averting possible disaster; it would no longer be in danger of exploding. However, the magma reacted violently and unexpectedly, a severe splash back occurred, killing all life on two of the orbiting satellites. Entire histories, lost, worlds burnt to ash.

This was long ago. I’ve traced Celrdrrun, the vile pirate snake, to the sun-planet Thértuu. He thinks he can escape me, but none are able to escape me, especially after what he thought he could do. This is the first being in the entire multiversity to exceedingly earn the fate that I have come to bestow. I may not have had the omega surge suit long, but I will find a way: when I find him, I will destroy every last molecule of his existence.

I arrive on the trail of his signal, and send my craft into orbit. As I walk towards the origin of the trace, volcanic bombs litter the air, chunks of magma that become launched into the air, increase in number. He knew I was tracing him: just as I suspected. I’ve been looking forward to this: The final clash. I must inflict upon him the most truthful experience that life has to offer: Death.

I’m sure of myself, my purpose and actions; perhaps too sure. I run at him as immediately as I acquire his location amongst the cinders. I jump and attempt to kick him, but my attitude was not in the right place, I’m being reckless. Idiot. He grabs my kick mid-air, I lash out, attempt a reversal spin kick: he grabs my other foot: crushes the main propulsion system in my boots, and slams my body into the ground. Repeatedly. Still almost twice my skill, intelligent, brilliantly insane. He exudes the atmosphere of a man obsessed by his work. Beams fire from the eyes of my helmet, injure his grasp, and he throws me hard into the rock. I can eliminate him. I know it. Getting up. Get up. Getting up, I extend my arms to charge my energy sphere, but he’s too fast, my arms in his claws. Forearms being crushed, carapace splintering, I grab onto his arms, and spin, launching him into the air. That toss alone will not send him into the fiery rivers. In an attempt to ensure his death in the magma, I fire an energy sphere at him haphazardly. The damage done to my forearms from his vicegrip causes them to splinter; energy recoil shoots up both arms along the cracks. The blast sends him flying over a break in the crust: then accursedly allows him to overshoot his possible scorching demise. He lands upon an embankment of solid rock: only magma exists between us now; below all my burning hatred.

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  1. burning hatred indeed.

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