Supporting Immortality

I sigh, and return to my planet, crushing the skull of one of the tyrannosaur as I land. I disintegrate its body with a burst of a gravity sphere. Taking off back into the sky, I think about my planet, it’s massive in comparison to others. I decide to head to my craft inside the giant skull, and look it up. Auto-pilot skips right over my entire solar system. I have to search for it by name. It’s marked as Disavowed. A desolate, banned no-fly zone on the Networks systems. Also says it was destroyed by me, and that it also may be my current hideout. I’m known as a destroyer, I can’t really deny it.

It’s become apparent that due to my powers, the planet itself will be in danger of attacks against me. My power, a magnet to destruction. A perfect test to all foolish enough to think they can pass, blinded by power. It is not safe, nor will it be able to outlast me naturally. I must undergo a variance shift. Stop focusing on the unknown aspects, my surroundings, my reality. I must build. This is my planet. I’ll make it worthy of my life, supporting of immortality. For one day, time will end, and I will be the last to experience it.

Until then, I must see to it that my planet, Loameria, the one connection, this mote of dust in the vast cosmos, remains as eternal as I. I return to space, covered in innards, and channel the power of the Gravity Surge, harnessing a nearby sun, and charge it so that it is equal to Loameria’s, and begin to entwine their gravitational pulls, with Loameria acting as a central focus of rotation; perfect weather with two suns. The other planets aid perfectly in setting up an infinity matrix of rotation that is as eternal as I: a constant pushing and pulling, an ebb and flow. So I never need worry about anomalies should I choose to venture out into the vastness of the cosmos once again, I set up one of my own, a force of density to protect this solar system, contain it. It’s all channeled via the gravity surge.

The time I had once been so focused on dissipates. It is of no consequence, and the journey of the celestial bodies becomes but a moment in my mind, but perception is everchanging, and years pass by without my notice. In the end, once it is complete, nothing was of any consequence. Time, I had to take note of, for the evidence that it can only be experienced of in the moment with or without the focus, but not once it has passed into the past. In any case, no longer can crafts enter this space. No attacks can be made without repercussions that I take no part in, only my vast and infinite power, used to repel. Not that the Network would try anything like that again: petitioned by rogues of a lost planet; I wonder how many I made homeless with the destruction of a galaxy, but do not care. Mere passing thoughts. I am above it all– or, at least, believe myself to be.

Life, so flourishing will not be harmed unless I am the one to do it. Not for the sake of life, not to cause no death, but because of its connection to myself. It is all I have, and that is enough to warrant its protection. Time will pass regardless. Everything will happen in time. It is inevitable. This is no reason to hold hatred for the unknown. It is time to enjoy what I do not know. The future. It is time to enjoy what I do know. My power. It is on this planet that I was born, and this planet I find myself. Nobody knows why, it is a pointless question. The real question is how. How will I live? Though I am driven to death, I do not need to embody the darkness of question. I am a being who is positively charged with power. It’s what I always wanted, when I lived. The power to kill everything, destroy the source of my hate. But hate has controlled my life for too long. I will not be frozen by internal conflict while I can inflict external pain, and I can do that beyond all in existence. I kill, it is what I do, it is what I revel in. I am myself, and no one else, and so that is who I will be and take only pleasure from it.

However, for some reason I can feel fear and dread swirling about me, externally, as a chaotic and seething wind…

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