On Golden Wings II

A shadow passes over me as the intercom from the liaisons opens in static. I am only now informed that the pursuance may not have been entirely unjust. The Bodyguard. I lift my bike and start to get back on it when I am forced to dodge a direct aerial attack. It takes the brunt of the damage and flies back into a light pole while I roll and attempt to charge a Gravity Sphere as she circles back around. But she is too fast, and is able to pick up and throw a car into me, exploding it and sending me skidding face-first against the street. Still lifting my body, I see her lift another car, and slam it into me. Slowly standing and surrounded by wreckage and flames, once on two feet again, I look around for her, only for her to appear behind me, with yet another car, heaving it into my back; another blast propelling me back into the street, shattering it beneath my helmet. I am able to roll out of the way of her next attack, leaving her with talons full of roadway. As she ascends back into the sky, I am able to land a direct hit with a Gravity Sphere, destabilizing her flight enough so that I have time to rush back to my duocycle and get on it before she can fully line up and reach me again.

As I accelerate down the freeway she is right on top of me, through sharp turns and transitional jumps, she does not let up. I weave in and out of heavy, hurried traffic, barely dodging missile after missile until I enter a train tunnel. An oncoming train forces her to abandon direct pursuit in the tunnel and quickly pull up into a vertical climb on the outside. I continue through the tunnel on the second track, and soon see her moving towards me from the other end of the tunnel. She rushes through the air directly at me, talons focuses. I slide beneath the attack, and grab onto one leg. Peeling out in the opposite direction. She attempts to break free of my grasp, but cannot. I drive towards a rapidly approaching bright light, and collide all of us with that train, obliterating my duocycle and derailing the locomotive.

When I regain consciousness, I step out of the remains, and see the sub-city laboratory crew, they have recovered the angel’s body, she is alive, and they will fix her, figure out what went wrong. My cycle is already repairing itself. I am thanked, and my tactics are praised for selecting an automated freight train rather than a passenger train. With the task at hand completed, I turn and begin sifting through what is left of the front of the train for duocycle parts, the more I find, the faster repairs go. A few of the other intermediaries to the tower also remain behind. They say aloud that they’re looking for part of the bodyguard… that she was once their close associate, collectively. She had been altered to provide a better life for her family, but was unaware that her humanity would also be taken in the exchange. They had recovered her after our battle, and improved her, gave her back her mind. But did not anticipate that on her first assignment that she would relentlessly slaughter her all those involved. They are unsure if it was the programming or if she simply took revenge, as these were past close collaborators with to the late Executive, and she did specifically choose this mission. But when she attacked both Techrider and I, they were fairly certain it was the former.

There is a brief pause before they apologize for rambling, and thank me again for apprehending her relatively unharmed. As in, not torn limb from limb or crushed to death. I find the primary throttle ignitor I had been searching for, walk over to my duocycle and affix it. I get on and run diagnostics. 70% repaired. I activate it and increase the speed of the engine without moving a few times to ensure functionality. Satisfied with the thundering rumble, I drive off into the darkness of nightfall.

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