The Networked II

The ship continues into space, and inside the Orbiter, everyone is able to resume their natural lives, without being harnessed to a chair for safety. The intercom comes on again.
“We have safely reached outer space, and are on time and on course, it is at this time we will ask everyone to come to the mess hall, where we will be having several meals. As always, the surprise dessert will be announced after. Eat well, for this is a time for a feast of celebration.”

At this announcement, everyone gets up, and heads to the mess hall. After a few moments Vokrssel enters the room dressed in his armor, but with a very fancy silken blue coat with white fur trim on it, and looks for me, finding me easily. He walks a few steps closer, to make sure he has my attention. When I look at him, he gestures with his hand for me to follow him. I do.

“How are you holding up?”
“I’m doing fine; this ship has a smooth take off.”
“Indeed, it is a very fine ship and has served us well for many years! What do you think of it so far?”
“I enjoy it; it’s very ergonomic, very clean looking.”
“Yes, yes, though, these white common halls tend to get bland and all look the same after so long, though they are very nice indeed. Don’t worry, though, the dining hall is a much better atmosphere than these sterile halls.”
“I’m just glad to be off that accursed planet. Also, I don’t mean to overask of things, but my ship was left cloaked in orbit perhaps only a short while ago. I cannot contact it, as my transmitter is still badly damaged. I’m not even sure that I can ever contact it again. I need to find it, so that I may leave immediately.”
“Think nothing of it, we already found it! However, it’s extremely badly damaged, but you are more than welcome to stay until it is repaired. We have reason to believe that it was a known criminal, Celrdrrun. He’s a planet destroyer, used to work for the Network, before he went renegade, disagreeing with our procedure. Your ship fell out of orbit and crashed a day ago. We now believe that is when Celrdrrun left the planet, but it was not imperative to give chase. Either way, we recovered your ship; the GS-336 is in one of the lower hangars.”
Celrdrrun. He will pay dearly. “How’d you know the craft was mine?”
He points. “The logo on your jacket matches. A quaint little abode-craft, very nice. Interesting and mysterious modifications, however, as my crew attempted to repair what is left of it, they were left unable; it repairs itself better than any other, and appears to be locked by means unknown to us.”
“Yeah, that’s her all right.”
“Although I am farfamed across the known universe for my adventures and exploration, the greatest of the explorers, ever, I have never seen a craft with its inner workings; do you care to shed some light on the technology?”
“I wish I could, but it is as mysterious to me as it is you. I developed this sort of armor, but it ripped from my body, and my spine torn out. It bonded with my craft, altering it, but I’ve lost the connections with it and the armor since. I’ve never been apart since I first became with it. The clothes that I wear are also as mysterious as they are stylish.”
“Perhaps they will come in time, I am confident! So, no worries, and let us concentrate on more important matters, the dining hall! Especially tonight, as tonight is a grand feast! A celebration!”
“What are you celebrating, if it’s not rude to ask?”
“Ha-ha! No, it’s not rude at all, and you’re more than welcome to celebrate with us,” he says, “we,” he emphasizes, amicably grasping me on the shoulder, “are celebrating, that is what matters now! There will be a speech to explain it all, so do not worry about the details, and merely enjoy the feast, I know you’re hungry if you were going to eat that ‘fruit’ ha-ha!” He concludes, the doors in front of him opening to reveal the grand dining hall. I wonder, was I truly hungry? I’ve not eaten since I acquired the suit weeks ago. It sustains me. Death sustains me, I can feel the urge. Without the suit, though, do my former inclinations take hold? Is eating a necessity any longer, or merely a pleasure to partake in without requirement? The destruction of another, that is my only necessity.


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  1. O.o I had no idea that this story tied with the last one until now. Pretty clever! Or maybe I’m not that observant 😛 Looking forward to seeing where this story is going.

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