Future Descent

I break through, spinning out of control from the other side of the spacial tempest, my craft close behind.

[Warning: Energy: 83%]
[Warning: Shields: 86%]

I can see pieces of the hull flying off. Swirling violently, I employ my powers to make it back to my ship. I stand on it, and can start to make out the planet through the storm.

Inside, the white panels are exploding open, showering the area with sparks, showing exposed wiring. I make it to the control area, and manage to steady it, pushing it so that it takes a wide path, and enters a wide orbit around the planet.

I disembark, and right myself in line with the curvature of the planet I appeared before. I notice: it’s Loameria, but not the forested grown-over planet, my Loameria, the one I once knew and never thought I’d see again, filled with sprawling metropolii, self-sustaining, a unified world working together, a resource based economy, technology of the stars: fully restored. I activate my gravitational pull, anchoring myself to the planet I once knew, and never thought I’d see again. Soon, I have visual of my city, great upon the sandy beach. Only to lose it before my eyes in a great bright flash of light that then spreads outwards, destroying everything it touches, everything upon the continent, and covering it in a black cloud of smoke before I even have a chance to react.

There, upon the shore, it’s the armor from before.


I charge him at full speed, and hit him into the ground with enough force to smash every atom in his body. He floats up out of the dust and debris, arms folded.

“Woah , if you were any faster, you could have almost caught me off guard there… too bad, though, as it was the only chance you’ll have to not die.”
“Shut up. How did you come back to life? How did you bring back Loameria just to destroy it?”
He hovers steadily above the settling dust cloud, silent, almost… speechless.
“Answer me or I’ll kill you again!” He snaps out of his thoughts.
“No… it can’t be you, not this you, there’s no way you could have followed me! You destroyed yourself; along with my ship, my entire life, my entire life’s work… I travelled here, back through the ether of time into the past, to get my revenge–”
“–We’re in the past?!”
“Yes, to find and destroy a younger, weaker you, prevent all this from happening.”
“Well you’ve found me at full power, and fully pissed off, fucker.”
“Hurm, doesn’t look much like it, looks almost like you’ve been through a damn black hole.”
“When I’m done with you, you won’t look like anything.”

I rush at him, but end up miles away: face down in the dirt with a footprint on my spine. I quickly get up, and make my way to attack him again as he ascends within the black plume of smoke. I fly above the smoke, then descend upon him, Jacknifing through the lightless cloud of destruction. A hand reaches out and grasps me by the throat, clawed fingers digging deep.

Dragging me down through the smoke, he rams his fist through my spine, I see it exit my chest. Then I see the ground again.

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