Incomprehensible Sentence III

It shudders and bellows loudly, causing the entire landmass to tremble, this mountain range suspended in nothingness. It strides into the air, covering a large distance, as when it lands closer, I now notice that it towers twelve stories above me. I call out:

“Elder God, On’goz-shl’hg, I am aware that I my actions have inadvertently rendered other gods non existent, and disturbed this place you call your own as well, but I do not wish to fight you. This will be like no battle between other elder gods, and this will be like no punishment ever dealt to mortals before. For one such as yourself, you existence will not continue if you choose to engage me. I have powers beyond all comprehension, but no desire to enact them upon you. Your dealings in this dimension are inconsequential. I humbly request that you retract your request to the arbiter Yon-sogorath, and allow me to return to my dimension of origin.”

Used to battle with being of a different stature, it picks me up by my leg with two of its three fingers. I patiently dangle upside down as its multitude of large, grey, gibbous eyes examine me. After a few moments, it makes its decision. It bellows loudly once more, and begins slamming me against the side of the mountain. The back plating of my armor cracks, fissures run through my helmet and on the third hit, my leg rips off. I go flying down, smashing into the ground face first. I orient myself to witness it lose its fingers as the boiling blood in my leg sears through them. While it is distracted, I concentrate, focusing the available gravitons where my leg was to become superdense. It doesn’t look like much, it looks like nothingness, and outline, but it works, and will stop the bleeding.

It makes another attempt to grab me, so I give it no opportunity to do anything but observe its own demise and death, bounding up its colossal frame, and kick its head in. It crashes into the mountain. There, I take hold of its head, and keep battering it into the rocks. Once its face has been pushed into the back of its skull, stone and brain rendering the whole mix nigh-unrecognizable, I reach into its innards, tearing them out and showing them to the monster remaining eyes that have not burst from the battering. The splash of celestial blood within these extra spatial dimensions felt against my powerful carapace revives my vigor, and I reach deeper within, using its spine as a handle, tearing it inside out, and just like that, with one blood-curdling shriek from within the creature, I am victorious. I feel nothing but the sting of rage, a product of the adrenaline of a new design of death, fanning the flames of it in my chest, cultivating it as I know I will need to carry this with me as I progress. I gain some distance, and use my powers to supercompress the entire asteroid form into a condensed sphere.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]

I vaporize it all into nothingness.

Clouds being to swirl, and once more I feel the fear and dread from the chaotic portal of the arbiter.

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