Emptiness… Nothingness… Everything vaporized into nothingness, not an atom nor its constituent parts remain.

Bolts of electricity fire across the black abyss of nihility.

I feel the first firing of synapses as my consciousness comes back into being. No…

Only a void remains of what was for lightyears around, Kænus’ craft, completely eradicated, same with planets, moons, and stars. Nothing, except for the Gravity Surge, now adrift in space.

I had it. I had it all, I had attained nothingness, obliteration. I felt it. Now, alive again, continually, I remain still, floating amongst the annihilation I have created. I ponder the power. All of this power I have, the power I have used for retribution, the power to expunge solar systems in a single attack, but I’m powerless against existence itself, my own drives. I can kill but I can’t die. I know it means nothing. It simply is.

I see my craft in the distance. It returns, responding to my suit. I drift inside, and head to the central control area. Here, I scour the DataBase, I’ve done all that I care to be. My meaning has been completed. My former life has long since been lost. Only a scorched husk of a planet remains of everything I knew, the connections I made on my intermittent travels feel untrue, transitory. I cannot go back in this state. I am no longer the same. They have indubitably moved on, forgotten. No matter. I have new parameters of which I live my life now.

Where has no being ever returned from? Where is a place that I may find an end, a place where only death exists? I must be enveloped by the unknown end if I cannot die. There must be a place somewhere in the universe; ignoring the multiversity; to find death without myself playing the reaper.

I find it.

A formation in space classified as a Group 6 Crystal: Hexagonal Pyramid of non-existence. In the blackest of space, no craft that has ever traveled near it has ever returned. All readings and studies are negative. It is an anomaly of endings. One cannot even see any light through it, as it blots out all beyond it. Countless beings have been lost to it. I set course to this deep vector of space, as I intend to make myself a part of these beings, destined to never be known of again.

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