Cosmic Rejoinder: The Disturbance at Loameria Prime

When Ggi’lg”rdtg’d in all its arrogance is finally destroyed and done away with, only then do I know that it is time for death. The essence is dark enough now and I see it more clear than ever, the situation having escalated to the point where my power can no longer be denied by my lack of desire to use it for something so inane as altering the cosmos to my own vision, while simultaneously disturbing cosmic gods existing upon other planes and appearing within the nightmares of mere mortals. My drive towards death has yet again been activated. But not simply something as mundane as listless murder, as after all, there is no joy in bathing in blood unless I choose for there to be. I am the maker of my own destiny, and today right now in this moment, I am empty with threats of violence, hollowed by these interdimensional gods believing themselves better than I, believing they wield any sort of power over me, believing they can simply judge and sentence me to their whims. The thought of their hubris pushes me beyond emotions, freezing them dead in me. Beneath my helmet, I can physically feel their death, a cold ablution across my brain.

Yon-sogorath does not appear again. I believe my sentence has been carried out to its fullest possibility, with none remaining to survive this request for retribution against my cosmic slights, there is nothing left to for the arbiter to arbitrate. Or I believe that it now feels the fear that I once was able to feel. But then, its voice permeates the outerdimension in which I am trapped.

You are done with, for now. Freeing the domains of the affronted from their occupants must be attended to. Return to your trite infinite anomaly, no longer are there those who care for what it once was.

Eventually, its prattling ends and the portal necessary to take me back to my home, Loameria, opens. I pass into it and begin to feel the grasp of real space closing in around me. Such a place of cold darkness and solitude can feel like solace, a living, breathing thing closing around me, holding me in its embrace, reluctant to let go to enact the violence of entropy upon the celestial and natural world.

A fleshy portal slices through reality, and a mucus-coated figure exudes from the prolapse…

As I fall back to the planet, I notice strange lights ebbing and flowing in the sky above the place where the portal sits, and over the horizon, I see clouds, dark like they are heavy with rain, gathering as though they have minds of their own, before the sky seems to clear, growing brighter than bright has any right to be, and at the same time, my body feels as though it is weakening. I eventually collide with the rich, friable soil, and slowly feel as though I am becoming one with the ground, like I could just sink into it and be forgotten there underneath the terra firma. My vision grows dim, as my head is perpetually upturned toward the sky, and though I do not fully understand what is happening, I am not afraid or worried or concerned, I do not feel much of anything, simply eyes fixed on the sky, dying eyes as my sights grow dark, and I allow whatever is dragging me down to simply do so, losing any semblance of consciousness underneath Loameria’s skies.

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