Versus Techrider

The android rides off on their duocycle as I reform. I am informed that a challenge of some sort has been issued, and that I should follow that robot into the outskirts to battle them. When they begin to explain its motivations, I sprint after it. Steadfastly adhering to its trail, I follow it over rooftops, up and down the sides of buildings. We careen through curved alleyways along the wall. For a moment I lose it down a dead-end, but it bursts forth from a pile of debris and boxes, pinning me against a wall before peeling out, burning rubber across my armor, resuming the chase.

On the outskirts of the city, we reach a large clearing in a landfill of some sort and it slides to a stop. Staring at me, it gets off of its bike and stands still. A few yards away, I end my chase. For a moment, there is a pause to see who will strike first. A breeze floats scraps of paper and dirt around us. Breaking free of the standoff, I leap at it, firmly connecting a punch into its jaw. The machine takes the punch hard, sent rolling head over feet along the ground. It stands up as the dust clears, but asserts no fighting stance. For a brief second I glace at the scattergun in the holster of the duocycle, and am met with an equally powerful punch to the side of my head, flipping me over the bike and into the dirt. I roll into my momentum, and am quickly back on my feet, leaping over the bike to deliver another blow to the android. This time, however, it is not sent flying. It remains perfectly still, and grabs my wrist with one hand, pulling the scattergun out of its holster with the other, and fires both barrels through my chest. I fly backwards, landing in a pile of trash, but quickly rise to my feet.

[Active:: Gravity Sphere]

The heavy swirling orb is expelled from my palm directly towards both of them; the bike speeds out of the way, but the machine stands still, allowing the full force of the impact to land. It remains unmoving as the attack swirls and expresses its power to no avail. As it slows, this machine begins stepping towards me against the pressure of my attack. As it closes in, I fire another Sphere into the first one, exploding it in a burst of energy. I use this opportunity for another attack. With more focus, I am able to do considerably more damage, denting it and pushing it back towards the center of the clearing. We fight blow for blow, deftly scrutinizing power and fighting styles. It may have infinite energy reactors, but I cannot die. I do not let up, keeping it on the back foot until I realize that it is not even attempting to block my assault. It is only when I stop that I notice the bike has been circling us. I dodge as the robot attempts to grab me, but the bike collides with me. I regain my footing, and dodge the bike, but the robot’s attacks land. Again and again and again.

I lay on the ground, broken and unable to focus or gather power as the mechanical foe’s fist strikes my face repeatedly, cracking and busting pieces off of my continually shattering helmet. My healing cannot function if I am being constantly broken. It has no life that I am driven to extinguish. After a few days of this, I concede without knowing what I have lost. With that, the robot gets back on its bike, and drives off.


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