Bound to Death Part 3

From deep within the pit under the cemetery, demons and monsters continue to spill out from the caverns, climbing up and out, swarming over everything like insects. Demons push the shambling undead back and forth, teasing them as schoolyard bullies, mocking their lost humanity.

Vincenzo runs from the conglomerate of bodies rising from the graves, frantically dialling on his cell phone.
“Ah, christ, Joey, I need an airlift, now! Cemetary!”
“Slow down, Mr. Melatini.”
“No, helicopter, Cemetary, now!”
“Yes sir, right away sir!”

Within seconds, a small white helicopter appears through the swirling crowds surrounding the cemetery that emanate from the broken-in sepulchre.
“Mr. Melatini! Sir, get in!”
Vincenzo gets into the helicopter, and it begins to take off, but scores of the undead swarm the bright white personal craft, yet it still manages to get into the air. A thick smoke-like fog rolls by, causing the tail rotor to sputter and stop, aided by the clinging corpses, sacrificing body part after body part into the rotors and blades: anything to get at that fresh flesh. The helicopter spins and rotates, crashing into a large, nearby tomb, setting aflame.

The old van rushes down the street, looking for the easiest paths to avoid the creatures, and to get out of town.
“Dudes, these are fuckin’ zombies.”
“Yeah, I kinda realize! Just drive!”
“To where?”
“How the fuck should I know, just away from these fuckers!”
“They’re everywhere!”
Soon, the teens arrive in the cemetery. By random occurrence, or being horded their by the undead, it is unsure, and unimportant, because that is where they are now.
“Wonderful, great driving: you’re a pro; ‘how do we get away from dead people, why, let’s go to a cemetery’!”
“Shut the fuck up, I didn’t see you do any better!”
“Stop fighting! We just need to find someone with answers, somewhere safe! Look, there’s a fire up ahead.”
“Someone’s probably holed up there, and it isn’t like there’s any other way to go; shit, they’re everywhere!”
Driving fast, the van swerves down the paths of the graveyard, towards the helicopter.
“I can see someone there, he’s fighting them off!”
Demons pummel the van as it continues towards the flaming wreck, crawling all over it. The teens spot the helicopter up close now.
“There is someone up there, and he has a gun! He’s signalling us!”
“Slow down beside it, he can jump on the roof”
“I’m trying! I can’t! The steering wheel doesn’t work, neither do the breaks!”
“Oh my god, we’re going to smash into it!”
The van smashes head-on into the flaming helicopter, pushing it, and with metal screeching, the entire scene falls into the now open slanted sepulchre, falling down, down past the truck and the playing record.

A voice booms from the darkness.

“Your sacrifice is accepted! Their souls are now inhabitants of the Hellish dimension, and I, released from the Hellish dimension, I and my kind shall rule totality! Feel the evil energy spewing forth from the bowels of the Hellish dimension, and know that I am all powerful!”
The Hellbeast, surrounded by spiralling smoke shooting up towards the sky, blackening it further, crawls out of the hole, and proceeds to destroy the city, with the demons and zombies running rampant upon the world.
“I will rule in darkness for eternity! Once I soon conquer this world, I shall spread death without end multiversally!”

One Response to “Bound to Death Part 3”

  1. OOoOoh, the conclusion! I love how Vinny gets ASAP helicopter service, what an important man. ‘Demons push the shambling undead back and forth, teasing them as schoolyard bullies, mocking their lost humanity’ is a nice sentence. I mentioned it before but you’re really good at making dialogue sound natural and even funny, which I think is extremely challenging so huge props to that! Keep up the hard work, I really enjoy reading your stories, they’re great entertainment.

    P.S. I imagined the record player spinning a piece of bologna during this entire series and could not stop imagining Weird Al making a video about your story.

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