On Golden Wings I

Jumping from offramps to buildings, I close in on the chase in progress, finally landing not far behind Techrider. Feeling the power augment from the duocycle, the velocity, and the vehicle’s connection to the ground, I move far faster than I could have while flying before. I am about to take aim with a Gravity Sphere, but before I can remove my hand from the controls, I become aware that the cycle can channel my abilities through itself.

[Weapon Systems Available::]
[Gravity Bullets]
[Gravity Sphere]
[Gravity Rush]

I focus on this new auxiliary interface, and choose my preferred attack for its simplicity.

[Activate:: Gravity Sphere]

As I will it so, the duocycle fires from below the headlight upon my target. Chunks of street explode as the Techrider swiftly dodges multiple volleys. It is quickly obvious that I need to adjust my technique.

[Activate:: Gravity Bullets]

A rapid-fire barrage erupts from spinning emergences on either side of the front wheel. These cause far less damage when they miss, with an added bonus of actually being able to land a hit the speeding cyborg, destabilizing his hunt for justice. Having done that, I find myself quickly staring down the barrel of his scattergun, finally dividing its attentions. Without looking away from his true target, he fires upon me, but with my current amplification and steeling my defense in preparation, the damage this time is mostly superficial. He proves it to be much easier to shoot the ground in front of someone when you are also in front of them, but I am undeterred by the highway fragments being flung at me or the newly created craters in my path.

Sensing the reprieve of being the target of attack, the golden angel dives into a tunnel beneath our roads. Techrider does not let up, smashing through barriers and driving along buildings to enter the same tunnel. I follow, as he climbs the walls and positions his path on the ceiling, I pursue. Out into the sun and up the side of the building the tunnel passes through, I ride ever closer. We both leap into the sky at the top of the tower, and for a brief moment I see more closely than I ever have, this hunted angel. Brief in that, in that exact moment, both Techrider and I are caught in a tremendous fusillade of missiles and energy bursts pouring forth from her golden wings. He takes the brunt of it and is sent crashing down to the deepest levels in a ball of flames, the sounds of crushed steel follow each concussive ricochet of his wreck against the downward structures. I, however, am not so lucky, and plummet only to the main highway near the tunnel’s exit. I see a golden reflection from the sky against the windows of the next high-rise this thoroughfare passes through. My duocycle lands beside me with a crunch.


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