Intransigent Part 2

Celrdrrun… He tore out my spine. Not long ago, he left me for dead on a planet of insects. Never before had I encountered a being that can so far surpass my own powers as this. The powers of my suit: I wish I knew more.

He laughs his disgusting laugh.
“Bested again, I see. I should see to it that I destroy you, but perhaps this second lesson has made you understand: You cannot defeat me, give up, and return from whence you came, you are weak.”

I stand, sparks flying from my suit. It’s damaged. Badly. There’s no way I can jump across this magma with my propulsion system crushed. I scan the magma. It’s torrid: beyond. Shallow.
“I will show you my power: I will extinguish your eternity: For I cannot die.”
I stare him in his multitude of eyes as I walk directly into the magma, bearing a dead-set course for his location. As of now, I am a machine of severe impact: One-track mind: Mechanized.

[Warning: System Overheating]
[Warning: Visual Limited]
[Danger: Shield Overloading]
[Warning: Energy: 50%]
[Warning: System in Danger]
[Diverting Energy to Shields]
[Danger: Cooling System Overloading]
[Danger: System Critical]
[Warning: Energy: 14%]
[Danger: System Shut Down in Progress]
[Tip: Avoid Excessive Heat!]
[Danger: System Failure Imminent]

I emerge from the magma, marching onward. Disconnected. He can only stare as my cyber organic carapace peels and melts, chunks of my chitinous shield falling, sliding off, attached to the solidifying magma: shoulder armor; external abdominal oblique armor; mouth armor: dehinges, and falls. The right side of my helmet: sizzling, melting, dripping off. Its red glow, fading, exposing the true eye it once covered that burns with a heat of hatred far exceeding the temperature of the magma. The left eye lens only glows with increasing intensity and ferocity.

[Update: Cooling System at full]

He conveys only pure terror. He knew not the league of my will.

[Divert Power to Weapons]
[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I rush at him, focused on the universe of the moment. The sword, through, beyond him. Glowing, ripples of electricity dance upon the blade. His body slides apart. Innards spill about the black ground.

I send the signal for my craft to come to me. Soon it will be here. One thing left to do: atomization. Before my helmet can reconstitute itself, I spit upon his corpse. With my final core of power, I charge the gamma burst. He’s still alive. I can see his brain working, gasping for a moment to live. He’ll not receive it. I launch the blast, disintegrating his very elements. Torrents of magma spray in the wake of the gamma burst across the planet Thértuu. I collapse.

I awoke on my ship days later. I only urge to kill again.

2 Responses to “Intransigent Part 2”

  1. That is an intense killing. I’m surprised Celrdrrun didn’t die of a heart attack because of how awesome walking through the lava was.

  2. Very creative descriptions. I call this your videogame writing style!
    [Warning: Very Cool story: 100%]
    [Danger: Energy accumulated whilst reading: +100]
    [Tip: Make sure GuNNhead writes again!]

    lol, aaaanyways… really seem to have found your niche in this exploratory/battalion style writing. I enjoy being able to ‘see’ what the character is thinking in plots like this, makes it more personable.

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