Above the Rubble

I am helped up the stairs by the taller one, and a few stories up, they set me down next to a stairwell to nothing to redress the wounds from the drill. While they pull out the rivets and bolts with a tool of some sort, spraying sealant into each hole afterwards. Using this opportunity, they tell me about this giant city they live in. It was an experimental colony made to explore other climate-compatible planets, and inhabit them. However, when their planet was attacked it was the only thing to make it out, forced to leave early when the attack ships were still in approach. It was unfinished at launch, leaving much of the outer rim uninhabitable, and the population a mix of wealthy socialites in control at the center, followed by engineers and those working on it in the middle, and simple evacuees in the unfinished projects.

I look outside of the giant hole in the side of the building to see what they’re talking about. A huge freshwater port, gleaming in the sunset, megalithic cathedralline superstructures trickling down to less ornate steel and glass skyscrapers and finally concrete ones like the one we’re in on the outskirts. They go on and on about this person in the largest tower by name of Duun Strutts, the in-depth history of their peoples and how this city came to arrive here, the struggles of life here, and countless other minutia that all bleeds into a dull roar. I only need my craft and my powers back, then I can kill all of these people, see them crushed under foot for daring to be on my planet. I am alone. Once I hear that my ship may be inside the largest tower, I wrest my hand from their tractable grasp, and though they are still making sounds towards me, I leap out of the hole, and traverse my war to the tallest tower. I make it to the steel and glass buildings before my leaps become more sluggish, and making the leap to a taller one isn’t possible. I affix to the side, and climb the rest of the way to the top. I realize I must have set off some sort of security alarm when turrets pop out of the roof and riddle me with bullets, sending me careening into the alley below.

I stand again, and continue on foot towards the tallest towers. There is one with a large spire on top of it. I know that is where my rightful power is. I affix my sight, stride unabated until I once more have my journey made torpid by an ever-growing force. Oddly familiar, I plant my feet, and exert my power against this nothingness. There is silence. Then, wind swirls about, the ground beneath my feet begins to crack, streaks of lightning emit from nothingness, singeing along their traces, lifting stone into the air. An explosion occurs, and I am flung back a great distance outside of the heavy zone. I get back on my feet, eyes affixed to the tower’s spire, once more walking directly towards it.


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