The Networked III

The hall is huge, and is lavishly decorated. The walls appear old, and wooden, with large red and purple gold trimmed banners hanging vertically downwards. There are large crystal chandeliers coming from the ceiling, lighting the room brilliantly and elegantly. The many large, long tables are close to full; there’s one main table at the front of the room, opposite the door. It has 12 men sitting there, all dressed like Vokrssel. The rest of the tables have men dressed only in the armor. The room has tables on the edges full of food, all hearty meals; there is turkey, ham, piles of mashed potatoes and corn, baked potatoes, hamburgers, hotdogs. Almost anything one could want, it was there. We both walk down the central space in the middle of the room. There is a free seat with an empty plate at the corner of the table.
“Just sit here,” said Vokrssel, “you’ll be able to get food shortly, and once again, do not be shy, you’ll see others pile food on their plate, it will all go smoothly, and no one will judge or anything of the sort. If you’re here with us, you’re one of us.”
Dismantle everyone in this room.

I sit, and Vokrssel goes up to the main table, and sits with the 12 others. Shortly they all stand in unison to make an announcement. Solemn yet joyous, they spoke.
“Soldiers, we have done well on this planet, and are well on our way to fulfilling the Prophecy. Not only have we discovered a hide-out of the planet-killer Celrdrrun, we have attained the artifact that was foretold to be on this world, and it is safely with the others we have collected. This leaves only a small many artifacts left, before we must combine them, and perform the ancient ritual… Yes, we have lost some soldiers on this world, and while we may feel sorrow for our lost friends for a time, we know that death is a gift that is afforded honorably to so few.”
Death. I breathe it in.
“I know that they would be glad, and proud they have not died in vain, like anyone of us would be. For we all know that to die for our cause is truly a great honor! This artifact we obtained brings us one step closer to the universe’s great prosperity, discovering The Guide. The next shall of course, be most difficult, as the enemy also knows of its whereabouts, a trial for the believers, but we are returning peace to the galaxy, and, I do not know a more noble cause than that. Now, usually I end here, but today is special and worthy of extra celebration! Today, we have found someone on one of our planets. This man single handedly killed one of those creatures with only a simple wooden bow and arrow! He is a harbinger of the time, and he is our guest of honor, we hope he will choose to stay with us. With that said, and our goal in our hearts… Let us feast!”
Feast upon evisceration.

There is respectful applause and cheers, the 13 men stand, and walk down from their table, passing by me.
“Follow right behind us, bring your plate, you may eat when you sit down.” Vokrssel says as he passes me. We all walk up to the tables surrounding the room. The food on them looks delicious, the ham is glazed and glistening, the pork chops are still sizzling. Even the cheeseburgers look like the most luxurious I’d ever seen them. I fill my plate with an incredible amount of food. The rest of the soldiers behind me fill up their plates just as much if not more. Once the people reach the end of the tables, they return to their seats. Sitting back down on the lush, red chair, I look at my plate, stacked with food. Each selection of food looks as tantalizing as the last; I am so hungry that I do not know where to start. Annihilation. I simply begin at the top of the pile, eating the moist turkey that is incredibly full of flavor. My next bite is of a steak; it practically melts in my mouth filling it with its well-seasoned succulence. The entire meal continues in this manner, with each bite being as, or more delicious than the last. Soon, the entire hall has finished their meals. Finish their lives.


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  1. Sweet Jesus, how I wish I was at that feast after reading your description of it ^,^

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