The Intruders III

I explore the wreckage on the ground of my home world. Much of the crafts are still intact. I wonder what I can use them for. I transverse through the atmosphere, and down into one of the expired wrecks. I walk down the blasted metallic hallways, scouring, thinking, planning. I turn down each pathway that leads me to the centre, the main portion left intact. It’s a heavily re-enforced room. Perhaps a secret weapon of some sort. I punch the door in, and enter the large area. A factory storage room of some sort. Sharply angled metal litters the floor, broken cages and crates among them. There’s life in here, survived the crash.

A roar pierces my eardrums, and I’m sideswiped by a large steel tail. I hit a metal box, and see the owner of the tail charge at me. Its large jaws open, intent on taking more than a small chunk out of me. I’m able to place my foot and hand properly to keep the jaw from closing on me. The tyrannosaur’s chromed metallic teeth glint in the factory lights above us. Why in the hell did they have to make it a cyborg. I charge up a gravity sphere, prepared to take its head off, or at least fry its inner circuitry; another set of metallic teeth grab my arm, biting it off. My burning blood removes the flesh from the underlying steel, but it consumes the arm anyway, uncaring and oblivious to pain. I kick the one in front of me, and it tumbles backwards. A third one comes out from the other side, and chomps at me; I jump to avoid it, and stick to the ceiling, within the rafters. Missiles and lasers chase me, scorching the ceiling, exploding beside me, throwing me back to the ground, and once again they’re on the attack, charging towards me. I control the gravity of two crates on either side of the charging meshes of monster and machine. They explode in a ball of fire; blood and oil mixing, coming from the narrow space left. The sounds of gurgling and whirring can be heard over the fire. The third makes it around the barrier, hunger visible in its glowing robotic eyes.

[Activate: Gravity Sphere]

The blast launches into the tyrannosaur, but it powers through it, skinless and meatless afterwards, never slowing.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

As it rushes at me, I slide underneath it, cutting its entire body in half. The two halves skid across the floor. I fly upwards, and smash through the ceiling. I know there are a few more of these storage containers still intact. I can’t tell how many of those things are in them all, however… Over the next short while, I gather up the intact portions of the ships containing these storage cells, creating a graveyard deep within one of the rain forest jungles of my world. With that, I set the mergers of machine and flesh free. 15 of them in total were left. I observe them from a distance. Without me, their target within range, they act normally. Milling about, roaming in their new environment. I can kill them another time.

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