The Outside Part 1

Trapped in hyperspace, surrounded by sights I can never hope to understand in this nowhere to be found dimension. The warp engine disengaged irregularly, and instead of taking me out of the drive utilized for faster than light travel, it trapped me here, this… dimension. I’ve exhausted my options and ideas in trying to repair it. It’s as if I’m frozen in a lake, a misty, covered space. I’ve been alone for so long now, surviving easily off the provided supplies, I could probably survive much longer, but the question has been biting at me: do I want to? What does it mean to die?

As I remain motionless out here, I think back upon my entire life. It was good, but mundane. Though, I suppose most could say that about their own lives. I enjoyed it, for the most part. I always looked up beyond the sky, and wondered if I would ever get up here; I’m happy that I get to eventually die so specially, the first man to die of starvation in hyperspace. Well, it’s more of a personal record, as I’ll never be found, and, well, I know that others have been lost in space, but since they were lost and never found, I can still say that I’m the first to die like this, they could have died by so many other means.

I’ve set out from my home planet, Loameria, to find myself, to explore, tour the universe’s wonder. Now, I hope there’s an afterlife to explore. Or, rather, that there is no ‘afterlife’, that after this life is our next stage in evolution. Maybe the idea of becoming a being of pure essence is possible. After this life, which is used to gain a frame of reference, the essence of ourselves leaves that earthly husk, and is taken on a similar tour I had planned for myself, to be able to communicate of a higher level with all of the beings that passed the trail of life. Maybe we unify the universe when we arrive in the ever after.

Outside my spaceship, the lights blind while the darkness gives me vision. There is movement, perhaps. I’d call it swirling, but it’s not quite swirling, or even spinning or rotating, though it gives me the feeling that that’s what it’s doing. The outside. It’s unknowable. It’s bright, but I can’t see the light, I can only see the darkness as a light. The shapes are none like I’ve ever seen, they almost make no sense in my brain, but I can see them as clear as possible. It’s all enveloped in the othergrey. I’m enveloped. I’ve been alone for weeks, but have never felt lonely, left to my own devices. The outside, this dimension, keeps my mind.

One Response to “The Outside Part 1”

  1. Another pretty deep story. I liked it. Made me think about what one thinks about while they wait for death. Can’t wait for Part 2. Will the person escape out of hyperspace? Can Bruce Wayne and Batman truly coexist? Tune in next time, same Gunn-time, same Gunn-channel!

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