The Networked V

With the announcement, everyone stands as the plates are taken away, and the tables are completely cleared. All of the tables and chairs secede into the floor, and come out again in sparser locations, filled with all sorts of alcohols and such celebrational accoutrements. It slowly becomes far more social; the people mingle, and become talkative. They’re all rather friendly, and most have beards. I start to become more comfortable in the crowd, I might have felt outcast here without that cheesecake. Vokrssel comes down to see me.
“I’m glad to see you ate well, I don’t know what might have transpired if you’d have disrespected us by not finishing your plate!”
“Well, I guess I’m just good like that!”
“Indeed you are, and are you getting on well in this atmosphere?”
“I’m doing quite fine, thank you, and you?”
“Hah-ha! I’m fine, lad! You seem nervous! Here, a mug of ale will do you well” he says exuberantly, handing him a fresh mug of mead taken from a large wooden keg.
“Thank you once more,” I say, taking a large swig. The drink is strong in taste, but fills me spiritually much like the cheesecake.
“There you go, my man, you’re well on your way to enjoying the night! Enjoy it well, for tomorrow we must train you, as the day after next, we will be encountering some resistance on our journey!” He takes me into the neighboring room, for a more private conversation.
“Although I am farfamed across the known universe for my adventures and exploration, I cannot read minds, and so I must ask you now though, when I’m to be assured of your honesty, what exactly were you doing on that planet?”
“Getting my spine torn out like a damn fool.”
“Revenge. Celrdrrun destroyed my planet; I had it in my mind to destroy him. But now, I’m after a being named Kænus. He’s the one responsible.”
“Kænus? I know of him, a rich snob. He may be a bit eccentric, but there’s no way he’d destroy a planet.”
I’m about to inquire more, but my innards start to spin. I hit the ground, doubled over in pain as I begin to vomit uncontrollably, blood and soul. Something with the food. A bolt of energy hits me, courses through my spine. I see a flash, an outline of light covering my body. The flash of light outlines my suit of armor. A surge of gravity brings all in the place to their knees. Everything is vibrating in my eyes. The omega surge suit. I’m once again armored. Electricity bristles around me. I stand. Vokrssel looks at me without fear, without awe. He just looks at me. He places his hand on his long, white beard.
“A sign.”

That night they celebrated in ways of old. It greatly reminded me of the celebrations of the Vikings and Norse gods, where alcohol flowed like water, and the normally reserved let loose, with challenges all in good fun, and much shouting and rowdy activity.


One Response to “The Networked V”

  1. Yay! He got his armor back. Boy, that armor knows how to make an entrance 😛 This story is pretty good. I’m going to read the enxt part right away.

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