Kænus: Eschaton I

Finally. I approach Kænus’ location, his craft. It has been too long I’ve been searching for him. I can see his craft now. Every atom of it tells the story of wealth and shrewd business. I cannot believe he’s being hailed as a philanthropist and hero. A ceremony in his honor to celebrate his recent accomplishment is being held shortly. It is announced that he will reveal to the multiversity all he has accomplished in his space travels. I wonder how much innocent blood has been spilled by his hands; how the entirety of his wealth has been soaked in it.

His craft is enormous, a giant of the cruise-ship class. His thousands of servants, crewmen, scientists and associates all reside there. I send my ship rocketing past, as I leap out and smash through the hull with my armored fists. I shoulder through wall after wall, breaking them down. Reaching my destination I stop and hide behind a corner as a rush of droids fly past me to repair the hull breach. It is then that I take note of the golden hall that I find myself in, each and every bit shining with brilliance and lined, covered, by millions of clocks. I walk down it calmly, passing through a great golden ballroom. Going up the covered stairs on the left, I enter into another hallway of timekeepers and keep going until I make it to large ornate doors and kick them down, splintering them inwards. I rush the two guards, grabbing one from the back, and snapping his neck. The other comes at me; I push the first guard into him, and blast them with a gravity sphere, obliterating them into nothingness. Frightened hourglass-shaped women run out of the room past the broken-in doors.

Kænus stands in the back of the room against a wall of visual monitors.
“What is the meaning of this?” He takes a sip from his glass of wine. “Who are you? What do you want?” He asks with the unphased smugness that only a rich scientist playboy could muster.
“I am from Loameria. I am the Gravity Surge. I am to end your existence.”
I run at him, jumping over his desk, I raise both hands together over my head, and bring them down on him, smashing him through floors of gold, marble, and steel. I jump down the twelve story hole, and land on his right arm, exploding it into blood. I flip backwards. I grab his leg, and slam him into the large machines and equipment that lines the walls, before tossing him through a half-window into an observation room.

From behind the half-wall, he stands, clutching his bleeding stump.
“I was waiting until the conference to unveil this, but I feel that at this point, you deserve a private demonstration.”
Reality begins to warp around him. Something builds which is not right. I see his arm again, the bones of his absent limb flash, materialize from the innermost out. My scanners cannot get a proper reading of this enormous anomalous energy; it takes from the past to forever. Suddenly a power explodes outwards, breaking down the barrier wall, and sending me slowly, hypersonically crashing into large steel doors. He moves uncannily towards me. I fall to me knees from my metallic imprint. I try to stand, but he’s instantaneously at me, and holds me up against the steel with his forearm. He stares at me through his cold cycloptic eye.
“You just made a mistake bigger than you’ll ever know.”
“You’ve made your mistakes long ago, Kænus.”

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