Timeless Ocean

My planet is trapped, and I with it, in isolation, a time dilation. Infused with my power, Kænus’ ancient, technologically adapted powers. It is, I am trapped within time more than ever now. Offworld, one would see trees springing up in seconds, and I, I can only sense this, for the time being. Time does not pass over me, however. It is focused on me. My physical form is encompassed by a leftover temporal field, and can only move at a pace imperceptible to anything, to those evolving and growing on this planet, and even to my own mind. I could play out my life innumerous times, and still, I would be left wanting, I drive myself insane over and over, in differing ways, if only to aid in the passage of time.

It will all return to its natural, balanced state with the perception of the universe soon enough. Eventually, after many strange eons within my own mind, remembering, dreaming, the crossed energies begin to dissipate. After sixty-six million years locked away within my mind, driven to insanity by my imaginings countless times, I can sense it beginning to occur. I focus my power inward, for time is the one thing I cannot control, but I can refuse to allow it my power. I force the ancient tachyons outward, refuse their hold over me. I sense it concentrating out in space as I rid my planet of them. They begin to create a spatial tempest, but as quickly as it forms, it disappears. My body begins moves synchronally with my mind. I am free once more. Able to live. Able to kill.

Rebuild nothing, for there is only nothing. This planet is mine, from a negligible birth to an infinite end. It will perish into nothingness before I. I begin to dig myself out of the silt and debris of millenia that have washed over me. Soon I feel sand move between my fingers. Rough grains stick to my helmet as I lift my head. Land, air. At first I think it’s night, until I remove my cracked, broken helmet and the sun scorches my eyes. The wind swirls around me, and, taking in the antediluvian battlescape, I launch myself into the air, seeing only blackened, dead earth upon the beach of black sands. I travel further, across giant landmasses, no longer are they all burnt, the oceans of ancient dead creatures are filled with new life. On Loameria, it seems, nature has seen fit to replenish itself using my power, left untouched for aeons.

One Response to “Timeless Ocean”

  1. Steven L. Bonspille Says:

    Pretty good jake, my interpretation is that of a warrior that goes through a psychological, metaphysical, and to a lesser degree an emotional change throughout an internal battle to wake up in a real physically changed world.

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