The Intruders II

“I demand answers.”
“You have been given your warning, and we were met with violence. You are a danger to everything that exists.”
“I am everything that exists.”
“Stand down, you are to be tried for your crimes against Ousniss, and the entire multiversity. Your loose ties with one of the former lead explorationists of The Network hold no ground. The Network has sanctioned this trial, and, if no trial is to be had, the sentence is death, for you are known guilty.”
“I cannot die, and no prison could hold me. Do not try to stop me, or you will be met with the same death that has befallen all others who crossed my path.”
“Now you listen here, nobody! I am Admiral Nomton Q. Linsote of Ousniss military! You are being charged with the destruction of the planet Ousniss, as well as Protectrobot, guardian of Ousniss’ entire home galaxy!”
“Hmm. This is starting to sound familiar…Oh! That giant robot I tossed into a giant bunker full of missiles! That was a good day for me.”
“Well it wasn’t for the people you killed, especially after Protectrobot stopped the invaders searching for those very missiles and resources you destroyed.”
“I really don’t think you are the one to be able to judge that. Besides, I received a distress beacon, and was responding to it.”
“It does not matter what transmission you intercepted, what’s done is done. Answer for your crimes, or die.”
“It was a mistake. I cannot help that I am driven to death. Forgive me, or perish.”
“No. The sentence is death if not imprisonment.”
“I plan on staying on my planet for the time being.’
“That’s simply not good enough.”
“Very well. I wish you the best, if you believe in an afterlife.”

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I slice into everyone on the control deck in a matter of seconds.
“Network. I only mean the best. Death is what I do. Send more after me, and there will only be more death, and that you will be responsible for.” My message is heard.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]

From within the confines of the craft, I fire through half the armada. Flying out into space, I kick the second and last in the leading three command ships. It spins off into the flanks behind it, exploding each of them, and, in turn, itself exploding. I tear into the hulls of the smaller remaining starfighters, pulling out the people inside, exposing them to the death of space. Some of them, I expose their intestines in conjunction with the vacuum. The way they freeze in a different way each time is a thing of beauty. I remember this each and every time I rip into their abdomens, dragging them by their entrails out, occasionally tossing their bodies at other crafts, to see the splatter upon the solar shields, and the faces of those soon to be dead inside. I throw gravity spheres at the final few, and they shower me with sparks and light. The lost lives inside mean nothing.

Surrounded by death, I am myself once more.

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