Planet Bug Part 4

In the morning, he walks to the large tree.
“Finally,” he says to himself. “I can eat those fruits.” His stomach grumbles in anticipation.
He takes another arrow, sets it in his bow, takes careful aim, and launches it at a hanging fruit. After a few attempts, an arrow hits a fruit with a ‘thuck’ sound and it falls in his awaiting hands. The large, yellow gourd-like fruit looks delicious, ripe, succulent, and just so delicious. The juice is dripping out of it tantalizingly, and He cannot wait to take his first bite. He knows he will savor the flavor, and chew it for a long time before swallowing. He slowly brings the fruit to his mouth, and prepares for the first bite.

“Woah, hey, you’re not gunna eat it that just like that are you?” says a man from yards away.
“What?” he replies, surprised to hear a voice. “Well, I was definitely considering it, it looks great!”
“If I were you, I wouldn’t. I mean, I don’t recommend that at all.”
“Why? Is it poisonous? It doesn’t look it. Normally I don’t have to worry about this sort of thing, but right now, I’m just so hungry.”
“It’s not poisonous, per se, but I’d recommend taking the peel off first.”
“Oh, okay…” He impatiently removes the thin peel. He quickly comes to the realization that it’s not a fruit at all. There’s a two-foot long scorpion-like creature inside, surrounded by a thick, juicy, viscous, yellow fluid. It’s limp, and bleeding the same color fluid that it is surrounded by, the arrow still pierced through its center, and doesn’t seem alive; he drops it in disgust.

“Hah, I don’t know how you got here, old sport, but there’s plenty of time for that later.” He pauses. “Don’t worry too much though, while the poison inside that little bugger could kill you, you’d not be able to eat enough of it before you succumb to paralysis, it’s intended for much larger creatures to eat whole, where their stomach acids bring it to life, and it eats them from the inside out.” He pauses the think once more, and continues “But, eating aside, if I am correct to assume that that’s your doing,” He points at the large cave, with smoke billowing out of it. “What’d you use to do that? Some sort of energy launcher, missiles?”
“Uhh, this,” he says, lifting up his bow and arrow set. “…and some fire.”
The fully armored man stares in amazement and disbelief, a large gun at his side, another, larger weapon strapped to his back.
“Well, good job then, because seeing that smoke got me interested enough to come see the man who caused it for myself! Either way, you’re lucky, I have a shuttle just over yonder; we were about to leave this wretched planet, before I saw the smoke of course. Do you want to go to the Orbiter?”
“If the only other choice is staying here, I’m definitely in.”
“Let us go then.”

2 Responses to “Planet Bug Part 4”

  1. to the Orbiter!

  2. Auntie Bhoona Says:

    Hey jake;
    I really liked this story. I know it was written quite a while ago but I am just now getting to read your stories. You have some good talent for writing. Great imagination, creativity and words.

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