Incomprehensible Sentence I

The icy chill of space is offset by the strange, warm sensation of being tugged through the portal, and for a moment I feel as though I am burning, a collapsing star being dragged through this hole torn through the fabric of the universe. Formed as if a fingertip were to tear through tissue paper. Space and all its vastness could be so fragile, so easily ripped and collapsed and destroyed, and it is so easy to feel so small in a place like this, but also so powerful all the same, like a god among the burning balls of gas and floating rocks covered in sleet. The air feels strange here, tight and constricting, smelling of sulfur like a swamp, like some place I would rather not be. Disliking the atmosphere of it but at the same feeling too bogged down by its pull to do much other than succumb to it for the time being, usually dormant curiosity piqued now as I observe this little world I have been thrust into.

Pillars of stone floating in the vastness of nothing, scraping an indigo sky that seems to be a dome to this world’s atmosphere, clouds of fog drifting in some unseen manner, no currents to speak of to propel them along, almost as if they have a conscious effort to do so. And when the fog and mist parts, that is when I spot it, sitting there with two eyes like shimmering dark moons fixed in a bulbous head, misshapen and bumpy like mountains formed underneath pale green flesh, towering over me like a monolith, skin glistening with some sort of mucosa oozing from its pores. It sits and sits and stares, and I don’t like the way it is observing me, I would rather force it to turn away its gaze, but my power does not feel right here, it feels blocked by something unknowable, and I blame the creature for it despite having no evidence to believe that to be the case.

It opens its mouth and a tongue emerges like a tentacle, seemingly endless in its length and floating toward me through the sulfur clouds, as if it intends to swallow me as prey, and in response I leap up from the rock face upon which I stand, my powers not right, but able to be worked with for the time being. I will not let this creature best me, I refuse, and as I come close and stare into its void eyes and see my own reflection there within them, I know it knows I want it to die, and it will not go down so easily as it shoots its tongue at me once again, following me as I jump from rock to rock, evading the damned thing that acts like a sinister worm disconnected from the creature’s body. I try to concentrate, to rip the tongue from its mouth, but my power falters and fails and the creature almost seizes me as I dodge just narrowly.

Enough, enough of this madness. I focus, and something like what I believe to be irritation bubbles up within me, rage and anger follows flowing, allowing me the chance to channel my power for just a little while, enough to raise my fist and to stare down at the creature who now seems almost confused with what I’m able to achieve as the rocks lift themselves up from the void in which they float, sharpened edges turning inward to point toward the creature, and with all of my strength I command them to fly like spears, arrows of destruction toward the beast which cannot evade in time. I watch as the stone pierces the delicate flesh of its form, punctured and oozing blood and bodily fluid into the space, the creature screaming in some forgotten tongue as I watch on, ensuring it is dead, waiting until it stops its display of writhing as it is slowly but surely skewered from all angles.

My limbs feel weak and heavy, but I am accomplished, and with nothing but apathy I turn away from the beast to greet a newly summoned portal, a chance to move onward to perhaps a more favorable place. It is not uncommon that a creature should die by my hand, especially not one so annoying as that. Such is the way of the universe, in which every star that is born must die and every creature that lives must breathe its last breath, it is simply a matter of when and for how long that breath will last be breathed.

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