Uncharted Planet Part 1

“Their cloaks and capes incited them nerveless, while their Fluorographic weapons were a beyond vehement technology.”
This is all that was known about this uncharted planet and its peoples, written by a young explorer seeking to make a name for himself. It has only been a few prime cycles, and still no explorer dare venture into this hostile and truculent planet. Partially, well, mostly, because the Network of Communicating Planets has labelled the planet as “hostile”, and barred the generality of all those who follow under the NCPs’ crest from entering the planet’s sector.

Luckily, for me, I refuse to follow under the Network’s guidelines. Their mode of operations refuses to acknowledge the importance of a civilization that could bring about the destruction of another. Any and all forms of civilization are inexorably valuable, especially ones so technologically advanced. I enjoy two things in life more than all else: Uncovering, saving and preserving the history of a civilization, and the second will be told later.

This civilization was one of the most technologically advanced in weapons that I have ever come across. This is especially interesting due to the fact that they have had yet to uncover the ability to travel between solar systems other than their own, let alone galaxies. This, interpreting their written word, I have decided to be because of an incredible egotism. They truly believed they were unique and the only life in the universe, and had no interest in branching further than their own solar system. That is, until, the young explorer revealed to them how wrong they were, and they quickly began focusing on interstellar travel.

The cloaks and capes that incited them nerveless had been with them for millennia. While wearing these ceremonial garbs-turned combat uniform made appear as black sectors, and float with incredible speed and unrestraint; a frightening sight for those unprepared, to be sure. The term “nerveless” appears to have be used as a multi-term, as, while it does donate unto them a daunting abandon, it also offers a nigh-invulnerability, in that they become anaesthetized, never halting even when detached from limb. Their beyond vehement Fluorographic weapons were an awe-inspiring technology of destruction. Able to destroy whole fleets of crafts in concentrated fusillade, or, as one, to focus a concentrational beam and strike upon an omphalos, rendering it annulled.

The second thing that gives my life joy, I must now reveal, is destroying that same civilization. This renders me as the only who can tell the tale of an entire glorious civilization, and how it was ended by my hand, in an epic planetary wide-scale war, against me.

It was mere moments before they had actualized their plans of interstellar travel that I momentously manifested, destroying their entire fleet of interstellar enabled crafts in one single action. Their entire planet’s attentions turned towards me, and I, with their entire past and future in my mind, was fully prepared to bring about their all-encompassing annihilation.

4 Responses to “Uncharted Planet Part 1”

  1. What a maniacal explorer.

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